Tuesday, September 07, 2010

my how we have grown

17 years ago this fall we all met at a little ole' Baptist college.
Just the 8 of us. "The Zen's"
Between us we now have 8 men and 18 kids for a grand total of 34 in the Zen family,

A lot of life has happened since the fall of 1993.
Some of it we saw coming, some of it we didn't.

At least once a year we try to get together in some form.
More often then not it is just the adults or just the original 8 girls,
But this year we managed to get 10 adults and 12 kids all in the same place at the same time. 
And somehow we actually got some pictures of the event (thank you Julie and Scott!!)

Old Wise Zen Men.

A few Minis.

And us. A little older. A little wiser.

And a Whole Lot Sillier.

True love is rare. Hold on tight when you find it.


  1. Christina Allan8:28 PM

    Hey!! I remember those girls!!

  2. Wow, You girls are so great. So glad you have such good friends.


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