Monday, September 20, 2010

jemimah b i heart u

Both of my sisters are amazing photographers.
their styles are totaly different but both are so creative and beautiful.
I recently saw this picture that Jemimah took and I was so excited to see her use of one of my banners!

I was truly flattered to see it show up in one of her photographs.
I feel like I am always mooching off my sisters talents - their camera skills, sewing skills, hair-cutting skills,childcare skills...
I often feel like I do not have anything to give them but a hug and a thank you, and occasionaly a couch to crash on. So it was nice to see Jemimah using my banner as a prop.
It is a small thing I know.
 But still.

To see more of Jemimah's work click HERE
To see Judea's work click HERE


  1. thanks for the love!

  2. Hey Jerusalem-
    I was wondering if you would allow me to use some photos of your home on my blog, with a link to you of course. You can find me at


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