Sunday, September 19, 2010

the FEP

Part of  making our way towards adoption means that we have to make some cut backs.
cut backs in space and money.

We are calling this the FEP (aka the Family Expansion Plan)

so to that end I am making space by cleaning out my vintage goodies and craft supplies and I am selling them all @ Jolly Vintage, where 100% of all funds will go towards our FEB savings account.
I do not expect to make a fortune this way, not at all.
But I do think it helps me a little to feel like I am taking some sort of action.
That I am doing something productive in the meantime.
That I am working towards a goal.
Guess this is part of the adoption "nesting" process.

Yesterday I added a few more goodies to Jolly Vintage.
These great cake toppers.

The yellow one strikes me as perhaps was part of a whole bridal party of cake toppers.
Something in the face of the girl makes me think that perhaps she was not the bride...
Something in his face makes me think he is very glad he is not the groom.

The other, older cake topper is a classic.
Her in her tulle. Him in his white tux jacket.

Both of them looking like they would rather be anywhere than on the top of a wedding cake...

Who is he looking at I wonder?

Is her headpiece to heavy or is she just plain bored?
Maybe they are really happy together, it's just that they wanted a smaller beach affair, just the 2 of them, instead of the large catholic affair both of their parents insisted on...

oh the intricacies of life as a cake topper.

(find both toppers for sale here)


  1. Good luck....! Love the commentary for these guys! :) I'm so enthused to be able to 'follow along' your journey with adoption. So, so exciting!!

    Lady, as I've been pouring through your blog I'm starstruck by your curtains made out of vintage hankies. Can you give us a closeup of those and explain how you made them?

    Love your blog!g

  2. Wow, this is cool! God works in so many cool ways. So I "just happened" to click on a link to your blog from Domestic Fashionista's blogroll and started browsing and kept browsing . . . the colors, the vintage, M.E. and you (! so fun!) kept me going, saw that you also read Jane's Apron, (so like her) and then I come to these vintage cake toppers like the one we had at our wedding and I start reading the text and see that you're adopting.

    Shouldn't surprise me but it does in a delightful way. Shouldn't surprise me because adoption is popping up everywhere these days. God is doing something, one of those kinds of somethings only He can do.

    We don't have a specific call to adoption right now but I have been feeling a call to cut back on stuff, a call to make space. For what, I do not know yet but I do know that making space is what I am called to right now. I too am cleaning out my vintage goodies as well as other stuff. There is a season for every activity under heaven, even collecting and purging. :)

    At first I thought I would sell them to make money just for us to have. With a six month old babe my husband and I quickly decided that really, we need to skip the monetizing part and just move the stuff on along. I didn't want to do the shipping and listing, we can't have a garage sale here where we live, I thought about an antique mall parking lot sale but we'd have to box it all up and haul it there, keep the baby out all day with us or shuttle him back and forth to nurse, etc., etc. I really just want people who want it to have it and be happy.

    Then it occurred to me to host a swap. People could all bring their stuff and get new to them stuff and at the end whatever's left could go to goodwill. Okay, got a plan, why was I still stalling? Because God wasn't finished yet.

    I read more about Orphan Care and adoptions and find out some friends who have moved away are adopting. God keeps the wheels turning. Then I realize that I could host the swap and also make it a fundraiser for orphan care. People could have the option of throwing some money in the pot at the end of the night as they go home with their new free treasures and that money could be used to help with adoptions and taking care of orphans!

    I realize this is one of *the* longest comments known to man but somehow reading on your blog that you are also cleaning out your vintage goodies to support your adoption just felt like a reassuring, delightfully exciting confirmation that this is a good idea and worth doing.

    May God bless your path richly. I'm so glad to "meet" you. Kelly


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