Thursday, September 09, 2010


The past few mornings, as we have walked outside, Miles has exclaimed

It's FALL!!!

He says this with such excitement and wonder that I know he must be my child.

Yes, fall has come. It has stuck it's big toe in the lake of change and is contemplating a full cannonball jump.

Of course we must still toy with summer a bit. But that is to be expected. Change is hard to commit too. Even for Mother Earth.

But still, fall comes and with it she brings some of my favorite things
Rainy days & Boots to wear.

Coats & Scarves & Hats... oh my!

Campin'. 'Nuf said.

Yummy Baking.

Fall decorating.

So do you love fall too?


  1. No. I don't. But you make me WANT to like it! :)

  2. I love those Anthro boots, too. But I can't justify/afford them. I did find ones that I think do a nice job as second bests. Thye are from Target. i think you'd like them!

    Let me know if you agree!


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