Thursday, September 23, 2010

36 is just around the corner

September is my birthday month.
It is also Sweet Man's birthday month.
I love this.
Our birthdays are 3 days apart, so we like to often celebrate on the day in between.
This year I do not think there will be much celebrating because we will be in the middle of a big project (to be revealed later) and there is the FEP to consider.

35 was a pretty wonderful year.
So many great things happened.
Makes me a little nervous for 36 to be honest.

I am not really a goal person.
I find that when I tend to put all my energy into aiming for a goal, it is a sure fire way to garuntee that it will not happen. Erghh.

That being said here is my list of wishes (not goals) for 36

ride my bike more

turn my photo's into postcards to sell in the shoppe

practice yoga and prayer daily. even if it is just down dog for 5 minutes, breathing the words "help me, help me, help me and thank you, thank you, thank you."

make more homemade snacks like granola and biscotti. 

embroider more.

read more.


(coming soon)

to give more.


  1. Little did I know 36 years ago....but those big blue eyes just looked up at your grandma while in the nursery as if to say "hello grandmother. well, why am I just laying here, lets get something going."

    Love Mom

  2. You didn't give us a date in September but Happy, Happy Birthday to both you and your Mom.

  3. Happy, happy birthday sweetie! Your list is great, so are you. I remember 36 well {slight miracle!} I hope it is a stellar year for you. ps. what a sweet comment your Mom left. xoxo Lidy

  4. sounds like a good year to me! sent your box today sorry it will be late :( hope you like :) love ya


ok, really. tell me the truth... do these comments make me look fat?

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