Sunday, August 29, 2010

never as you planned

This weekend has not gone as planned.
I planned to spend it cleaning, organizing, visiting with friends,crafting...
Instead I have spent most of it flat on my back.
Saturday morning I threw my back out cleaning my office/studio.
I think it was the combination of too much furniture moving and too much stress (albeit regular life stress, but it is still stress all the same...)

So down I went. And there I stayed.
I think maybe my body is trying to tell me something.
Like "hey you, sit down will ya? you are not super woman!"

All this time doing only one thing at a time has given me the chance to think.
Sometimes I think about deep things.
Sometimes I think about painting chairs.

Here are a few of my thoughts with pictures. 

I added (well I pointed and the boys did the work) this rug to the TV area. I think it is a good start at redifining and seperating the 2 areas. Grounds the sitting area a bit don't you think?

My other thought is to convert some of the white furniture to color.
But should I paint the wood chairs at the craft table (this image is from Maine Cottage.)

Or should I color-up the upholstered pieces? With patterns or solids?
(these chairs come from Overstock, Ikea and Crate and Barrel)

I know which one would be easier and cheaper and faster, but is it the right choice?
(image from Period Living)
In adoption news, there is none really.
Except that both Miles and I would go tomorrow and get the girls if we could.
I wish getting them was as easy (for me) as getting pregnant was.
Luckily for us cooler heads (Sweet Man, Wylie, DHS...) prevail.
So say a little prayer for us as we begin to tackle things like physicals, finger printing, & form after form.

This change isn't as easy as moving furniture.
Maybe considering the state of my back, that is a good thing?


  1. The Zebra is back. Like it. grounds the room. No more color. It is perfect the way it is.

  2. Get well soon, chica. Love the living room!


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