Monday, August 02, 2010

Miles is 6

Last week Miles turned 6.
I cannot believe he is a 1st grader. Where did all the time go?
What happened to my scrunchy faced baby?

(year one)
Last week was also our first week of school.
And so Miles' b-day celebration was drawn out in stages during the whole week.
A little bit of celebrating here, a little bit there.

(two years)

Miles is finally starting to really pull away from big brother Wylie in terms of his interest.
For so long Miles liked whatever Wylie liked, but over the course of this past year he has really started striking out on his own.
 (three years)

When we finally got to have his official "party" on Saturday, this seperation was very clear.
Miles loves Kung Fu. He has talked of almost nothing else for months.
And so that is (sort) of what we went with for his B-day theme.

(four years)

Because the boys birthdays are just 2 weeks apart we have come up with a system of alternating which one gets to have a sleepover and which one gets to have destination party.
This year it was Miles' turn to have a desination broo-ha.

(five years)

His choice of location?

Going to see the new Karate Kid movie (complete with old school head dress) 

followed by a trip to his favorite Chinese Buffet Resturaunt where he and his friends could eat dumplings and jello to their hearts content.

Oh, and cupcakes. 

You can't forget the cupcakes.

(six years)

Happy birthday to my little Kung Fu master.
I love you more than you can know.


  1. oh how precious.
    Love ya

  2. What a cute little man! AWESOME cupcakes!

  3. happy birthday to miles! love that he went old school for the karate kid movie. :)

  4. Such a cutie pie! Don't you hate to see them grow up - but at the same time love it?!! Love the photo with the candlelit cupcake, and the one with the plate full of cupcake wrappers -- well, really love all of them!

  5. He's one of a kind and yet EVERYBOY, too! What a grandson.


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