Thursday, August 26, 2010

life in a house as a home and not a museum

The problem with writing a post that says something like " Lately I have been uninspired to decorate..." is that you will imediately go home and turn your house upside down reaarranging furniture.

In case you are new to this blog or don't know much about me, here is a little inside tip:
I am a huge nest fluffer. 
Space is a big deal to me. How I use it, what it looks like etc.
When I am chewing on a problem or a change in my lilfe you can tell because I start messing with my space.
Rearranging it like a rubix cube. Turning things this way and that, trying to make it all fit just right.

A few months ago we decided that it was time to move forwarded with this little seed of a dream we had to adopt.

And that is when I bought the green couch.

Now we have been to our first meeting and have a stack of paperwork and the wheels are in motion.

So  what do I do to work though this phase? Swap the dining room and the living room of course!

See I know that we will have to give up our office/studio space for the girls (whomever they may be, they are already our kids in our hearts and so we now refer to them as "the girls." It is just how it is.)

And (cute as it was) we really never used our dining room for much more than dumping our mail on it and hosting the occasional dinner party. And the table was hard to get around. And really for every day use we eat in the kitchen, and now that the weather is getting nicer, on the back porch.

So my original plan was to to turn the dining room into the craft room. Keep the table,
add craft supply armoires..
But still that table was too big and everyone always bumps into it.

And I knew (especially with the addition of more kids) I really needed 4 "family" areas and I only had 3 rooms to do it in.

I needed the following:
Craft/Making Stuff Area
TV Watching Area for 2-3 persons at a time
Lounging/Reading/Chating Area
Eating Area

And then we went to Otis and Lynns and they had switched their dining room and living room (something I have often thought of trying, but never seriously considered it.)

And there you have it. I just had to try it.

So we did.

I love:
Miles putting on old record after old record because it is down at his level now.
More piano playing because it is easier to get to.
Laying on the couch talking to Sweet Man in one room, while the boys practice piano or watch a movie just a few feet away, but in another room.
How close the couch is to the kitchen now.
How cozy the sitting room is.
How we use the space.
I don't love:
How cluttered the living room looks with so much blue and white furniture.
So many white chairs!
I would like colorful patterned cushy chairs for the TV area.
Maybe the red walls in the sitting room? Been debating this one for a while...
No rugs. I feel like the smaller sitting areas need rugs.
If I keep it this way the upside is smaller rugs = less money.

So will it stay this way? I think so.
Do I have lots more work to do on it to make it truly lovely?
Does that deter me at all?
I am actually happy for the distraction.


  1. jerusalem, i think we are cut from the same cloth. i do the exact same thing when i'm dealing with something and right now i'm dealing with the fast approaching third anniversary of losing my son. so you guessed it. we moved every last drop of furniture in this how and painted walls to boot. i needed it to feel different then it had for the last 2 anniversaries cause we're different then we were for them. no matter which way you move things around one thing is for sure, "your girls" are going to live in a very blessed and creative home. take care and thanks for sharing your space!!

  2. Can I come live at your house?? I'll just be part of "the girls", only you'll never even know I'm there! Ok. I know I have to stay at my own house with my family 'cause they need me...but when you get a chance to visit, I need this nest fluffed. I have 6ft plastic everywhere. This girl needs furniture!! :) Miss you much. And I had no idea you guys wanted to adopt. I love that you can! :)

  3. I'm really enthused to be able to read along while you set out on this journey of adoption.

    Your home is beyond cozy...I would like to move in! It's so sweet and I just stare at the photos!

  4. Congratulations on "the girls"; I am so excited for you and your family.


  5. Very cute! Don't you want to come over and tell me what to do?

  6. I often swap out furniture when I am is very helpful. We turned out dining room into a family/computer room and have not regretted it (except on thanksgiving). We put the table in the kitchen and another in the living room and all is well. if you look around my blog during the past holidays you will see what I mean...nice finding your blog. Dianntha


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