Tuesday, August 10, 2010

i protestest

I recently found out that Urban Outfitters is the streetwise sister of Anthropologie

I know I am letting myself get old because this is the type of information I would have known years ago if I was still hip and with it.

But I think my cool factor is slipping. Despite the pink streak in my hair.

So while I will post cute things from time -to- time here from UO and Anthro, I will not be posting any clothing.

Why not? you ask?

I will tell you why not. (Because I know you are curious.)

They do not sell my size online.
They do not sell (except in rare cases) the size XL.
Now, I have no idea about what the size issues are inside the actual stores seeing as we don't have them here, but come on. Really? In 2010 this is still an issue?

And while, yes I would like to lose a few pounds, and while yes that would then place me within their (at the top of) size range, there is part of me - the part of me that was the "chunky" girl all through school, always self-conscious of not being the "right size" - who is completely appalled at their gall to exclude perfectly lovely and beautiful women from purchasing and living in their perfectly and lovely clothes.

Do they think that a 16 sized woman would make their clothes look bad?
Taint their name brand?
Somehow detract from their fab-u-lousness?
Maybe they should do like JCrew and shine the spotlight on us awkwardly and have a Size 16 section.
(That is right. Size 16 gets her own very special, very limited stocked section over at the Crew.  Isn't she a lucky girl?)

We have an African-American president, we have Gay Marriage in at  least 6 states and fancy smancy stores cannot lower themselves to sell to the average woman???

Glad to know women have advanced so much.

 (wanna guess what sex their CEO is?)


  1. If it's any indicator as to the size of the actual clothing in the actual store, my UO clothes are all in the still-gotta-lose-more-weight-to-get-back-into-skinny-clothes pile in my closet... I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to be back in the 150's (maybe the 160's) to wear any of them comfortably.

  2. sweetheart, you are one of the most gorgeous women I know, inside & out. you look effortlessly perfect in anything you wear, & I would KILL (okay, maybe only a spider or other such bug, but still!) for your sense of style. you have been a trendsetter since the day I met you in, what? 1986?? don't let the retail-man get you down!

  3. Oh no! I wear that size too. They are a bit pricey for me so I never looked hard, but this stinks! I wish they could get over this. But I guess if you are smaller you buy more clothes???
    Hugs, Lisa

  4. Amen and amen and AMEN! Enough already.

  5. i agree!!! i teeter between l and xl and it drives me bonkers when i can't find cute, slightly funky, mom appropriate clothes that i can afford. do you hear us retailers?? we've got bucks to spend and you're missing out on them!

  6. I would NEVER shop at Urban Outfitters because of the last few catalogs I've seen from there. Last Dec. they had preteen girls (really, they were younger than mine with no boobs yet) in underwear in seductive poses. It was seriously disgusting.

  7. Way to stick it to the man!

  8. I hear you sister! I'm a size 14 and it can be really difficult to find larger sizes at certain stores. Such as REI. Nothing will fit me there! Big girls want to be outdoorsy too!!!!

    Crafting by Candlelight

  9. I was happy that in the UO store, my husband (size 38 which most stores don't have in the style he likes) found a sweet outfit there. We usually go to 5 different stores to find one pair of jeans he likes that fit him too.

  10. I agree with you!
    But I can let you in on an even better secret. Ruche (http://www.shopruche.com/products_new.html) is an AFFORDABLE online shop that gives Anthro a serious run for its money AND sells to women over a size 14 as well (albeit, a somewhat more limited selection). But their larges look generous for some styles and their clothes are just as pretty and unique as Anthros. I keep meaning to tell my readers about this. Perhaps I just founf a new topic for a post!

    And you rock your style and blaze trails. Everything about you is pretty!

    ENjoy, because if you haven't been there before you are going to die!



ok, really. tell me the truth... do these comments make me look fat?

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