Thursday, August 12, 2010

fine art

I recently came across this painting at a Flea Market in Hot Springs.
I excitedly rushed over to it hoping for a steal of a deal, because I immediately loved it. I loved the story it seemed to be telling as well as all the colors and textures.

Unfortunately the price was too high for me.

But I took a picture of the price tag so I could remember to look up the artist.

The artist is Katherine Strause and I adore her work.
She is even more amazing that I could have imagined.
And she lives in my parents hometown. 

On her website it says 

" Found photographs are the source material for these paintings. Katherine Strause's compositions allow us to bear witness to familiar stories through images of our shared past.  By altering and re-arranging the original compositions a provoked subject matter emerges. At times the active witness appears in the paintings; at other times the active witness was the person behind the camera that took the original photograph."

With each of her paintings I feel as if I am looking at a whole book, right there in one painting.
They all feel familiar and slightly distant at the same time.
As if they are the images from stories I have heard but never seen.
I have never spent a good chunk of change on Fine Art, but if I was able to do so, I think I would start with Katherine.


  1. I love that one you saw at the Flea Market too, I can certainly see why you would be drawn to it... quite a discerning eye you have! *wink* It would have been out of my range too... but I imagine it would be a wise investment should someone have the budget for such a fine piece of Art by a remarkable Artist.

    My Parents loved to tell the story of being given a small original oil Painting as a Wedding gift from an elderly Friend of the Family. Being young and not as familiar with fine Art and famous Artists as they could have been... they didn't place much value on it, though it was pretty... and when moving they accidentally left it behind. Much to their chagrin they later learned that it had been an original Monet!!!!!!!!! *Gasp* They never imagined that this elderly Lady had given them such a priceless Gift and not made them aware of it's value... perhaps she had been too humble to... perhaps she assumed they knew... perhaps she didn't even know herself... It was wise of you to look up the Artist and get to know more about her... now that you know more about her Art... perhaps one day you shall find that 'deal' on one of her pieces and be totally aware of it's true value! *fingers crossed for you*

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. whew, that is some kind of flea market pricing!!! lol
    Gorgeous though.


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