Sunday, July 11, 2010


this weekend was like any other summer weekend in that it was hot, hot, hot.
 it was like any other summer weekend in that we are all various amounts of lazy. knocked out of routines by time off from school and work and the oppressive humidity forcing everyone indoors.

this weekend was like any other summer weekend in that life came and went as it always does.
sometimes nipping at our heels a little more than others.

this weekend was perhaps a little altered from every other summer weekend in that it held moments of time that will never be forgotten.

while at my parents, with my sister visiting, we began to roll out our desire and intent to adopt a sibling group out of foster care in 2011-2012. we go to our first C.A.L.L. meeting in August.

while at my parents I recieved one of those phone calls you never want to get. one in which I found out that a friends husband had died suddenly, tragically.

while at my parents I talked to another friend whose marriage and family hang in the balance.
nothing simple or easy there.

it did not escape me as I moved forward through the day, surround by my family, how daily-ness is absolutely necessary.
it is our tether.

setting the table.
filling the glasses.
passing the watermelon.
life and death and the in-between of our own making all hanging out together on a hot summer day.


  1. So sweet and so true.


  2. This is one of the things that has inspired me the most about studying the monastics - the importance of a rhythm of dailyness... not busyness and chaos. Prayer, work, community, play, service... commitment to one another.


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