Tuesday, July 06, 2010

stiched up

OK, first let me say how much I love pie's and tarts. Absolutely.
Yummy, yummy pie... and even though I don't  make them as often as I would like (mostly because I would eat them all by myself!) I am always on the hunt for great recipes and great pictures of pie.

Yes, it is true. I collect pictures of pie.
So when I saw these in the June issue of Martha Stewart Living I was instantly gaga for them.

And then I saw what the plates were.
They were not real plates, or even watercolor prints of plates (as was my thought upon second glance) but some sort of wondrous and mad stich art versions of real plates. 
Now this is taking stitching to a whole new level - and the artist who did these did them with a machine!
If you want to see these sewing illustrations by Miyuki Sakai  larger and in more detail - to get the true affect you really need to - you can view them on Ms. Sakai's website here.

If you as are enamored by these as I am then you also have to check out the rest Ms. Sakai's portfolio- it is absolutely delightful and will forever change the way I view (and practice) stitching.

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  1. Those are incredible! What lovely work. Thank you for sharing the link.

    Kimberly :-)


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