Friday, July 02, 2010

southern punch porch

The porch - now dubbed the Southern Punch Porch b/c of all it's punchy colors - makeover is continuing at a good ole southern summer pace.

Steady, but in no real hurry.

I solved the missing drawer problem by tacking up a vintage dish towel remnant over the hole

and I have added some more vintage Melamine Dishes (shhh don't tell Sweet Man) and a great aluminum red pitcher I stumbled across for $1 at a yard sale.
Also my precious mother gave me the cutest retro cream &  sugar set that fits in perfectly don't you think?

Sweet Man and friends moved my Great-grandmother's old metal glider into place.  I love this glider and it is true Southern Punch as it came from Hattiesburg, Mississippi where my Paw grew up. It sat on my GrannyMary's screened in porch and now it sits on mine.

I just have to make some cushions to give it that little extra comfy factor.
Here are the fabrics that are in the running (or some combo there of.)

Also next up I have to make curtains - or a roman shade perhaps? - for this window that leads into the boys room. Their groovy red-brown-blue patchwork curtains just don't seem to sing with the pink walls.
Wonder why not?

Look at this great sheet I found that I am fairly certain I am going to use on the window and perhaps in the cushions too.

I am not kidding when I say that it called to me from Savers on Monday night.
I dragged the boys there on the way home from dinner on a hunch that something perfect for the window was waiting there for me and voila! There it was!

So what else is  left you ask? Well besides all the sewing there is the little matter of painting the very un-Southern Punch brown fan the ceiling color and finding a great rug. 

But frankly I have to admit that I am in no rush on either counts.
Someday the bug will bite and I will tackle the fan and light boxes with a vengence, but for now I'm just sitting pretty, enjoying my Sweet Man made (a'la fan) breeze and drinking yummy cold summer beverages.

Wanna come sit a spell with me?

(PS- thanks for all the Dining Room & Magazine love!! I am working on a post to answer all your questions about the room: )


  1. Girl, I love this space! I would happily sit out there with a stack of magazines all day long. I adore that fabric you are considering for the glider, the one with the big pattern, is it new or vintage? I'd love to get my hands on some of that!

  2. Love it! Bright and inviting. That glider is awesome!

  3. I love how cheery this outside wonderland is!

    That vintage sheet you found is GREAT!

  4. Love the glider... and all the punches of color...

  5. I love all of the color and cheerfulness of this space! It's contagious!

  6. What a gorgeous blog! Congrats on being featured in LR Family (that's how I found you). I too love hunting for treasure at Savers, but I am not good at figuring out what to do with the treasure I find.

    Wanted to also invite you over to the AR Women Bloggers group. We'd love to have you link up!

  7. I have to say that I love the cream floral paisley piece. I purchased that same piece for my laundry room window. Where did you get it? I may need more and would love to be able to find it. Jackie

  8. This is absolutely incredible!! I do love it! I want to move in with you. ha

  9. Can I come over and have a glass of sweet tea & read your issue of At Home in Arkansas?

    For the ceiling fan, what about decoupage? Check this one out:


ok, really. tell me the truth... do these comments make me look fat?

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