Thursday, July 29, 2010

my retirement plan

I love vintage "cupcake" campers or Caravans as they are called in the UK.
 Right now I am in the Pop-Up Camper phase b/c I am camping with the boys.
But someday, when the kids are grown and gone I would love a little bit pull-behind camper that I could take on Flea Market exploration road trips and all-girl getaways to the beach.
Wouldn't that be great?

But Caravan's are not just great for camping - they are also great for:

As Art

For selling Cupcakes

For a European Vacation

and as a doorstop

See, they are completely practical and useful in every way.
A good plan don't you think?


  1. I agree! But I want an Airstream because my family had one when I was growing up. It would be so fun to gut it out (or hire someone else to do that) and then decorate it!

    I enjoy your blog!

  2. It would be loads of fun to deck one of these little ladies all fun stuff you wouldn't quite do in your house...:)

  3. Yes, I think it's a GREAT plan!
    I want one, too.

  4. This is my plan too! I love love love campers!

  5. Love the door stop! Oh, the thought of coming back from a flea market with my little camper FULL of goodies sounds wonderful. Let's go! ; )

  6. Excellent plan! I to, have the same one! :) What color caravan would you like to have? I would loooooove pink. :)

  7. Some of my best memories are times spent in camper and it'd be great to travel to beaches and flea markets with friends on expeditions sunny and silly!

  8. I love this. My husband was stressing out last night about retirement. I am going to forward this to him! Thanks for the smile!

  9. What a charming post!...
    Why wait for retirement x

  10. How completely darling! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Oh.. What a fun idea. My Hubby would love this.. So vintage and so many wonderful adventures. Really great post. :) Happy Summer!

  12. Your retirement Plan sounds exactly like mine!!! A vintage Air Stream or Gypsy Vardo tricked out in Bohemian opulence and used to tour the Flea Market circuit and Beaches would be BLISS!!! If you want to see a Caravan to die for... check out "Magnolia Pearl's" Blog... I drooled all over my keyboard! *wink* She's also an amazing designer for those Free Spirits like ourselves.

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  13. Absolutely! I would love a little caravan to take all over the place... fabulous retirement plan!

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ok, really. tell me the truth... do these comments make me look fat?

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