Friday, July 23, 2010

First Day

This week was our first week back to school.
I know, I know.
But we go to a great school. A school we adore, and if it means we only get 5 weeks for summer, well it is worth it. And the kids agree.

Last year I had a part-time job at the school.
This year I have a full-time job and a lot more official responsibilties.

So to say that this week was a little busy and hectic is an understatement.
So forgive me, but these are actually the 5th Day of School pictures this year, instead of the first.

Here is the Retrospective.
My sweet, sweet boys.

And here are this years pictures. Which they would not stand still for.

What hams.
I cannot believe who much they have grown. Especially Wylie.
Adolescence is just around the corner. I better eat my Wheaties.


  1. I love how your photo's show off the boys spirit. Great job!

    getting into truffle

  2. The both have mismatched socks and they both have the long one on the same leg. Classic Greer Boys!

  3. I cannot believe how big they've gotten. That's can't be Wylie. HOW is that Wylie?? I mean, I was just there, like, what? last summer? so there's no way you have full grown kids & I have a 2 year old.

    they don't tell you having children does weird things to space & time. among other things "they" don't tell you about children.... :)

  4. GibAnn6:27 AM

    Super pics! Miles is wearing the same clogs as 4 years ago - whassup?

  5. love the socks and yes I know they have another pair just like those...

  6. Oh my, so cute! How could I not have seen Wylie in that long? He has grown a foot! His hair is so cute too. Of course I think Mr. Miles is adorable too! Precious pics.

  7. Oh my goodness, how they've grown! What great photos.

  8. Happy first day! I love the years!
    Hugs, Lisa

  9. Awwwww! How cute are they?! Thanks for making me smile :D

  10. I used to LOOOOOVE the first day of school. Now not so much, it just means I have to get up early too.

    Five weeks of summer... They must really like that school! My middle daughter would totally boycott.

    I saw you in Litt;e Rock Family Magazine, I'm following.


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