Wednesday, June 30, 2010


That was the sound that was screaching from my throat when I first laid eyes on the amazing, lovely, better-than-I could-have-imagined-or-deserved spread of my dining room in the new At Home in Arkansas magazine.

Oh my goodness! is all I could say. Over and over and over and over.

This is my house? It looks like something out of a magazine! 

Finally I drank a sweet tea and settled down and went back to the reality in which my dining room table is usually covered with mail and the Lego's instead of cupcakes and sprinkles.

But now they have done it again by putting the pictures from the magazine up on their blog and naming my little ole dining room as their Room of the Week on the At Home Blog- just in time for 4th of July (my favorite holiday, fyi.)

And "Oh my goodness!" is all I can seem to say again as I do a little happy jig in my studio.

I need to give a huge thanks to At Home's editor Diane Carroll who found me last year through Etsy and has made me feel so welcome within the At Home family.
A huge thanks also to At Home's Art Director Mandy Keener who always makes my house look even better than I could through her amazing styling.
And to my seperated-at-birth sister Nancy Nolan whose pictures are the cherry on the sundae of this whole experiance! 
Having my red dining room preserved for all time by her is just too wonderful!

A big hanks also to the judges of the contest Toby Fairly, Beth Davis, & Sandy Sutton- you have honored me beyond words and I have to admit I feel a whole lot like Sally Field, clutching my copy of the magazine and squealing "You like me! You really like me!"


  1. I know we just met and all, but, um, I'd like to move in. To your home. Just me, I won't take up much space.

    It looks gorgeous! You're like, doubly famous now... You're ALL OVER the Little Rock magazine world! Congrats. :)

  2. this is so exciting! congratulations on being the room of the week. your style is infectiously happy and makes me want to move right in. have a happy day!

  3. It was gorgeous! You definitely deserved to win.

  4. so proud of you friend- you are such a talented gal- you deserve all the attention! love you!

  5. Are you kidding me??!! You were a shoe-in! I come to your blog when I want a little does of happiness and sweetness. I LOVE your house and you, too! :)

    A big congrats!!

  6. Sweetness! I can't imagine the feelings. Your dining room is 10 different kinds of beautiful!

  7. I'm doing that eeee! with you. Congrats. Always enjoy a visit to your blog/house tho...such a happy, happy spot! Wahooo!

  8. PS - Upon closer review, I am DYING over your hankie curtains!!! Must know more...

  9. I found your blog through Farmhouse Country style and clicked on over...

    I'm stunned....

    Almost speechless (which hardly ever happens...)

    I didn't know REAL people lived in homes like these! Be still my heart...this is some kind of GORGEOUS! Your curtains are something I've stared at for a few minutes now...

    Looking forward to reading more...and am excited to be a new 'follower' of your blog!

    Thanks for sharing some of your life! It's a thrill to read and to feast my eyes upon these pictures..!!

    (I think each sentence in this comment has been followed by an exclamation mark...'cause I'm just so enthused to have stumbled on here!)

  10. Congratulations again!

  11. I was at the pool store and picked up a copy and SURPRISE! There is Jerusalem's kitchen! So pretty! Congrats, neighbor!

  12. Oh congrats! The house looks LOVELY! I would be squealing still!

    By the way, can you share more info on the light over your table? I love it!

  13. It all looks so lovely!! Congratulations!!

  14. exciting for you!! Your dining room looks lovely and you deserve kudos!!

  15. Carrie9:19 PM

    Awesome...and I've known you since you were a struggling teenage designer :)

  16. It's simply gorgeous! Love your style, and so happy to see you get the recognition in the magazine and the "Room of the Week" on the blog. Congratulations!

    Jane - Jacksonville

  17. Absolutely awesome and inspiring! Your house is in a magazine! Still love the vintage hankie looking curtains. Jackie

  18. And it couldn't happen to a sweeter gal! Love that room. Love your house. Love your style. and those hankie curtains? They are calling my name! I hope you will share more about them.

  19. congratulations! your dining room is so lovely/yummy/comfy/sweet - all at once! absolutely amazing!

  20. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!! I am just delighted for you!


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