Monday, May 17, 2010

Reading, Listening, Watching

I am currently reading and completely in love with Las Orchestra Saves the World
It is a sweet and precious book that I am loving. Somehow I feel at home in it.

I feel the same way about Sara Grove's new album Fireflies and Songs
Somehow Sara always manages to create words and music that fit where I am in life exactly.
It is a lovely album, perfect, sweet, and unpretentious and most of all - true.

And finally, there is Sarah's House, my most very favorite Design Show, and my Sunday Post-Church Ritual.
Ever Sunday afternoon, after church and lunch, I crawl into bed and watch Sarah until a nap comes and overtakes me. I love Sarah because she mixes old and new items, and everything she does seems personal, not formulaic.

I would like to think that given her budget and opportunities I would design similar rooms.
I have particully loving the lastest season in which she remodels and decorates a Farm House. Oh the dream! I always love Sarah in the country the best.

I am anxious and hopeful that the FineLiving channel will find it in their best interest to also show her Cottage series too.  Just looking at the pictures online makes me all swoony...


  1. That book is sitting on my nightstand right now. I haven't cracked it open yet, because I am sure I won't be able to put it down. I just have too many projects to wrap up before I indulge. I checked it out after borrowing the HBO series No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency from the library and falling in love. Made me want to move to Botswana, where simpler living is normal, the colors were vibrant, and everyone has a housekeeper.

  2. Isn't Sarah's show so much fun? But she has to have the resources available, and close by, to pull something like that off. We certainly don't have it here. I've only watched it a couple times but agree that it's one of my favorite decorating shows.

  3. just wanted to share that our family holidays in the muskokas every summer... and sarah's cottage lies within a short boat ride from where we stay. i have visited her sources and am so inspired from her... also, my favourite design show.
    the friends that we vacation with have recently purchased a boat... i am thinking a boat ride past sarah's cottage is in my future this summer :)


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