Wednesday, May 12, 2010

of photo shoots and flowers

Monday was my dining room's photo shoot for At Home in Arkansas.

It was a lovely day as you can imagine.

Mandy and Nancy were here with Starbucks, flowers and cupcakes in hand. What could be more perfect for my dining room.

Nancy's photographs will be amazing (as they always are.) These are just a taste of what she was photographing, wait to you see her pictures. They put mine to shame!

Nancy gets me and my house, and it shows in her work.  My house simply glows behind her camera.
 And Mandy is amazing. She knows just what to do to set the scene for an amazing picture.

I like to think that I know how to take and set pictures, but when Mandy and Nancy are in the house, I just sit back and watch. 

My dining room should be in the July issue and you will probably hear my squeals of delight when it hits new stands and then you will be able to see for yourself what they can do. 

PS- I made the little cupcake flags on a whim per Mandy's suggestion.
I am so happy with how they came out, I must make more!


  1. Oh pretty and yummy! My favorites! Happy Wednesday!!
    Hugs, Lisa

  2. Yes you must have more to do : }~

  3. How exciting! I can't imagine prettier pictures than the ones you've taken:) You must live in Arkansas then? I have a lot of family there:) My mom is from Searcy. Sometimes I think about moving there. It's so beautiful and everyone is so much more friendly than they are in California.

  4. Your dining room looks simply gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!


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