Monday, May 24, 2010

13 years and counting

Emily Dickinson and Elvis Presley in Heaven
By Hans Ostrom
They call each other “E”. Elvis picks
wildflowers near the river and brings
them to Emily. She explains half-rhymes to him.
In heaven Emily wears her hair long, sports
Levis and western blouses with rhinestones.
Elvis is lean again, wears baggy trousers
and T-shirts, a letterman’s jacket from Tupelo High.
They take long walks and often hold hands.
She prefers they remain just friends. Forever.
Emily’s poems now contain naugahyde, Cadillacs,
Electricity, jets, TV, Little Richard and Richard
Nixon. The rock-a-billy rhythm makes her smile.
Elvis likes himself with style. This afternoon
he will play guitar and sing “I Taste a Liquor
Never Brewed” to the tune of “Love Me Tender.”
Emily will clap and harmonize. Alone
in their cabins later, they’ll listen to the river
and nap. They will not think of Amherst
or Las Vegas. They know why God made them
roommates. It’s because America
was their hometown. It’s because
God is a thing without
feathers. It’s because
God wears blue suede shoes.

Happy Anniversary my Sweet Man. 
I am glad that we are more than just friends, even though we are the best of those as well.


  1. Happy, Happy Anniversary!!! are a darling couple!
    Many Blessings!

  2. happy anniversary kiddos! i heart you both so much!

  3. Happy Anniversary! Anniversary are so worth celebrating, every single minute.

  4. Happiest of anniversaries!

  5. Happy happy happy day to you two!

  6. Happy Anniversary to a super cute couple!

  7. Happy anniversary! Mine is coming soon. Monday, actually.


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