Wednesday, April 14, 2010

fresh starts

Some of you may have noticed a slightly new look to the blog, a new title and even an a new etsy shoppe.
Things are a changing around here, and a fresh start is being made on several fronts.

Over 4 years ago I struck out on my own as an Interior Designer and founded Storia Di Vita Design. A year later I added Craft Artist to my repretoire  and opened my first Etsy Shoppe  - Storia HOME, followed by Storia VINTAGE.

From January 2006 - September 2008 I worked myself to the bone and into a lot of debt.
I had some really great successes and some not great ones. I learned a lot about myself, about what I loved and didn't love, about what I wanted for my family and for my life and what I didn't.
I met some lovely people. I made mistakes, I hit  some home runs. I chased my design dreams with all my might.

By  September of 2008 it became very apparent that I needed a J.O.B. outside the home.
The economy had taken it's toll on my design business, the bills were piling up and I could not seem to break through to the "other side" of the craft business (i.e. licensing.) 
And so by a wonderful miracle I found a part-time job at our local library.

And it was good. It was like a soft-opening. A toe in the water of the "working world" that I had not really been a part of since having my babies.
I balanced the library, my banner business and the odd design job alongside growing responsibilities at church and of course spending time and caring for my family.

And by last June I was worn out. Smooth out. 
And then again, another miracle. A new job at my kid's school.
Finally we would all be on the same schedule.
And because the job was part-time I would still have time to work on my banners and do some design work.

But slowly I begin to pick-up more hours at the school.
And I found that I loved being there.I  found that I loved my job at the school and
 I found that I didn't love making banners quite so much anymore.
And I was shocked.

And suddenly it became very clear hat it was time for a new start. A new, fresh start to everything.

The time has come to pack up the Storia box,  wrap it all up in tissue paper, and tie it closed with a beautiful bow. The time has come to start fresh.

And so without further adieu I would like to introduce the Jolly Goode Gal Blog and the Jolly Good Shoppe.

The blog is the same, only now you can get to it by typing in or my old address.
Most everything on the blog will remain the same and will be filled with the things of my life; kids, books, Sweet Man, cooking, decorating, faith thoughts, crafty moments and occasional melt-downs.

The new Etsy Shoppe will feature a small selection of my Krafty Kits, Puny Postcards (coming soon) and the occasional Special Release creation or 2 as inspiration and free-time allow.

I might get back to the glitter one day, but for now I am just trying to keep things simple.
Sharing my days with my family and friends more than my to-do list.

Simple, Found and Shared.
These are the Jolly Goode Gal words to live by, and that is what this blog will aspire to be.

A recording of the simple moments found & shared.


  1. Love the new blog name and shop name. Good for you for figuring out how to balance everything that life puts on your plate! Jolly goode!

  2. I think it is important for thoughts on what works, has worked and is no longer working, to make changes, and go from there. Looks like you have made some wise choices for you and your family, and God will honor that. My best to you, and looking forward to continuing reading and keeping up with you. Jackie

  3. Oh Congrats!! Well done you! It is good to stop and start over. It is hard to stop but the starting is so great!
    Hugs, Lisa

  4. i think that is wonderful. it's wonderful that you are following your heart and letting it lead you where you need to be and the beautiful life that waits for you. congrats on being strong enough to let your life change and grow. i think that is marvelous!!

  5. I think it's wonderful when all good thing come together , and we stop and enjoy it rather than watching it fly by...
    congratulations on your new blog title, I love it!

  6. Congrats on the new, more simple adventure and life--very exciting and wonderful.

  7. Oh, Jeruselum, I'm so proud of you. Making the decision to downsize (for lack of a better word) your life is a hard thing to do. We are always so wrapped up in accomplishing so much! But really, this time belongs to your family. Your kids will be little for only a short time. You'll see. It just goes by so fast. So nourish that, with occasional artistic and entreprenurial endeavors. These will always be there to come back to. Spend this lovely time with your family in a calm, instead of frenzied, way. You will never regret it! A fan, Mona

  8. Seasons it what I'm calling it. Seasons of change. It's wonderful when you realize, accept and begin to enjoy what each season brings. You'll do fabulous! Love the new look and your new Etsy shop.

  9. Good for you; finding what you enjoy and don't enjoy and making sure your priorities are just that, your priorities!

    Even though I am a generation beyond you, I am struggling with the same thing!

  10. Love it! Can't wait to see what's in store...

  11. I recently read Adriana Trigiani's Big Stone Gap series, and in it she says that there comes a time in your life to "redream." Glad you've found that for yourself (and glad I ordered so many of your banners last Christmas ;) ) Congratulations. Kris Connell

  12. congrats on your changes! i love everything you do & i admire & respect you for doing what is right for yourself & your family! have a wonderful weekend!

  13. Everything looks lovely. I love how you always follow your heart. I'm currently taking some time to figure out what I really want and pulling back is definately on the list-letting things happen instead of pushing. Instead of swimming in the river, I'm thinking I'll lay back, float in the current and see where it takes me. I'll see you there-do you want to go on the tire swing with me? LOL!


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