Friday, March 12, 2010


i am getting older, there is no denying it.

not that i mind. at all.
so far, the older the better. the longer i live the more comfortable i am in in this skin.
even if it is wrinkly and crinkly.

i think besides my face, even perhaps more than my face, my hands show my age the most.

the story of my life is there on my hands. in every line, in every crease, in every crack.

so the question is, all these wrinkles and all these crinkles.
what do they say about me?


  1. They say to me you are a beautiful girl... I have you beat by a few years! Hugs, Diane

  2. I just keep finding an extra hair here and there!!your right we just get better like fine wine!!!somedays I buy into that!!!

  3. catherine glackin11:46 PM

    Those aren't wrinkles or crinkles~~~they are lines of wisdom, so much that we are CRACKING due to the overflow of it....

  4. I love that we get more comfortable in our skin as we age - Great post!

  5. When I was a little girl my mother held my hand next to her's and admired my smooth pretty hands. I looked at her's and I could see the lines of wisdom. Now when I look at my hands all I can see is my mother's hands how ironic, scary, cool, comforting, and beautiful.

  6. I think it's funny that you think your hands look old:) That's what everyone's hands look like!! I'm looking at mine and they have just as many crinkles as your's! You are too cute:) You are gorgeous and I really can't tell what your age is but you definitely look very young!

  7. I could hide a small child in my knuckle wrinkles. But I'm with you - bring it on! Every year gets better. Do you think there comes a year when that is no longer the case?)

  8. You look fabulous! Enjoy them! You have had a great life to go with them!
    Hugs, Lisa

  9. Jerusalem,
    I love this post - but then again, I love so much of what you do, especially those wonderful banners you made for me.

    Do you think I could link to your post on my blog this week? It's a perfect subject for it. I think you know I've mentioned your banners on there before too.

    Let me know! Thanks,
    Kris Connell

  10. I was googling crepe paper flowers and came across some of your older postings... super cute stuff :)

  11. I think you are too cute & very young looking. I just waxed about aging myself here:

  12. Jerusalem, just wait! lol
    Your hands look so young and I try to tell my grown daughter if you want to keep them that way make sure you use sunscreen. We didn't know about that in my youth.
    By the way I love my wrinkles, even the ones on my face, the ones from smiling and laughing not the sun caused ones, lol.
    blessings to you,


ok, really. tell me the truth... do these comments make me look fat?

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