Friday, March 05, 2010

Storybook Character Day

all their own ideas

Garfield vs. Froto

Costumes made @ 7PM the night before out what we hand on hand.

This kid is OBSESSED with Garfield right now.
And oh, how the jokes are "wearing thin" with his Daddoe who is as unimpressed with Garfield as Wylie is with him. It is pretty funny to watch them spar over it.

Wylie: "Do you think I will ever be as smart as Jim Davis?"

(Garfield does not like the outdoors and wants to go back inside.)

Me: "I think maybe you already are."

Our own wee Hobbit. He even has hairy feet hidden in those shoes.
He kept this costume on all day. Only later he morphed into a wizard.
Handy that wizards and Hobbits have similar taste in capes isn't it?


  1. Totally wouldn’t have guessed Garfield. Love how he looks like he is giving himself a big belly in the first two. Little people are so funny.

  2. Your kids are so rad! They are totally creative and awesome. I have always wanted only boys, and I hope hope hope I have a couple little characters like you do! What do they say they want to be when they grow up? They should be screen writers:) You must have so much fun with them:)

  3. Adorable kids and costumes.

  4. Love the costumes! Mom did a fabulous job.

    I started to comment on your blue table post the other day and then something happened and I was called away from the computer.

    I absolutely LOVE your dining room!!! It's just perfect.

    Would you share more info and picture on the light above the table sometime?

  5. You, my friend, are a genius. Last year when Sloane was in first grade she wanted to go as Bilbo on character day. But, her Momma is not as amazing as you are. So, we raided the dress up box and she went as Fancy Nancy.


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