Monday, February 15, 2010

my children the criminals

My boys are so darn creative.
Only apparently they are little criminals too.
Recently during a snow day nap (for me) they took the opportunity to create these Star Wars Bounty Hunter helmets & jet packs.

Aren't they clever?

But here's the hitch - the boxes they used are the Priority Shipping boxes I get for free from the Post Office with the understanding of course that I use them for shipping.

Not costume making.

But once they were cut what could this momma do?

Help cover up the crime of course!

With paint.

Can you believe this? My kids did this all on their all own.

All I did was a) Take a Nap and b) Set Out the Paints.

And just for the record those things did not happen at the same time.

I was awake during the painting part.
I am not that laid back!

So yes, my children are little crafty unaware criminals, but I am pretty sure that not even the Post Master General could resist this cuteness...


  1. that is AWESOME! i know several little boys that would be super jealous. but i must say i'm not could they not be creative with your genetic make-up?! ;)

  2. Love their creativity! Jackie

  3. so funny! i love seeing little boys use their creative minds. it makes my heart sing when my little guy gets crafty with his imaginative play. you are one lucky momma!

  4. your boys are very funny & cute! love to see kids being creative..

  5. Pretty cute Boba Fett!

  6. Laughing so hard right now because my own girls cut up two flat rate boxes to make houses for their beanie babies during the blizzard 2 weeks ago and I cut up one to make cardboard boats for our three year old's birthday party, when my husband saw that we used post office boxes he said, "you do realize your crafting is a federal offense right?!"

    : ) from one crafty criminal to another,
    great minds think alike!!


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