Saturday, February 20, 2010

mommas new pretties

so remember last weekend when I went to the big D?
and remember how I didn't come home with any big purchases?
Well, that doesn't mean I didn't sneak some actual shopping in for some little purchases!

below are a few favs that I just had to share

On my annual Tour d'Dallas I always hit the following places:
World Market
Super Target
as many Ross's as I can (this trip it was only 3)

these are my purchases from Anthro which I was ecstatic about because 1) they are adorable and just the sort of thing you go to Anthro to purchase and 2) they were all on CLEARANCE (my favorite brand of all!)

Don't you love that hat?? It is crochet but it has a frame to it so isn't totally floppy.

I have big plans for it this spring.

I also found these great pulls for our bedroom armoire.
Only I only got 2 and I really needed 4. Whoops.
Guess I will have to do some mixing & matching.
Oh well!

and finally here is the precious Wash + Sew travel kit.
I just could not pass it by.
It came with 2 sets of soaps. One set I am going to use in the bathroom (maybe) and the other set I am keeping in the travel kit in my purse.
With one set of soaps out of the bag, I have extra room for other "travel" items.
I am thinking I should put some Advil & Lip gloss in the kit too.
What would you put?

The last store we stopped at was the Ross in Rock Wall on the way home.
Up to that point I had not seen a single pair of shoes that I liked anywhere.
Not that I was shopping for shoes, I wasn't really, but a girl has to at least look.

But then at the very last store, what do you know but these just jumped off the shelf and onto my feet and I was smitten.
And only for $13.99.

And sitting right next to them were these beauties. I am pretty sure no shoe in America has ever screamed "Jerusalem" more than these.
And they are comfortable. Walking on a cloud comfortable.
And they were only 12.99.

Now do you see why you must stop at every Ross along the way???


  1. everything is nice...but the shoes are my favorite! :)

  2. i love those little red shoes! so cute. they are opening a new ross by me soon and i am very, very happy about it. i'm going to see if i can find those shoes!

  3. Oh how red shoes make me happy! and those Roxy ones are absolutely adorable. Well done!
    BTW please fill this Canadian chicky in...what is Ross and where can I find it ( I mean which states?) is it a national store?

  4. Great!! You did a good job shopping!!
    Hugs, Lisa

  5. Those quirky Roxy cuties are fantastic!

  6. Great finds! I have never been to an Anthropologie store. May have to find one close and check it out!

  7. I LOVE Ross stores...those canvas Roxy shoes are totally something I would buy, well, would have bought for myself before my diagnosis of plantar fasciitis..I can't wear anything flat like that anymore. They are SUPER cute though!!

  8. Those r cool shoes the canvas ones. Remind me of those $50ones at pres clinton musuem store.

  9. My mom-in-law lead me to your blog and I'm thrilled! I love it and I love all your awesome finds! That hat and those Roxy shoes are absolutely to die for!!! I'll be stopping back so talk to you soon:)

  10. I've never heard of ROSS!? I need one-Those are some sweet shoes & the price is even better.
    Love those drawer pulls too, it will be fun to mix & match them ;)

  11. I love every last bit of it and those shoes, those shoes, I need those shoes...


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