Tuesday, February 16, 2010

the big d

I spent the past weekend in Dallas with old friends.

I went to meet this sweet girl and to hang out with her sweet big sis and her parents, whom I love dearly.

I also went to visit mecca.

And drool over this sink.

And pet these cabinets.

And test -sit-lay-curl-up-on this couch.

All items on our "when we remodel" wish list.

It was a great trip and even though I had to leave the big ticket items in Dallas this time, I did pick up a few pretties to bring home!
Hopefully I will get to snap some pictures soon and share.

But for now I have boys to bathe, and laundry to put away and a DVR to get caught up with.
It was good to be away. It is good to be home.


  1. Heh, my sink AND my couch. I really need to find a new faucet for that sink. The sink is not drilled for a sprayer and because it is big it is impossible to clean without a sprayer. So now I have to buy a wierd faucet with a sprayer thing in the neck part. (If that makes sense.)

  2. IKEA overwhelms me. But, then, I am fairly easily overwhelmed. I also don't do well with places that try to make me follow a set path. I am not a set path shopper.

  3. my daughter LIVES for IKEA, but it completely
    overwhelms me! you picked out some pretty
    cute stuff, though.

  4. I really like IKEA. It's a good thing for my bank account that we don't live closer to one. lol!

  5. Fun to catch up on your posts! ESPECIALLY the ones about my grandsons. You are the only DEDICATED blogger in the family, of course -- so much to be admired.


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