Tuesday, January 26, 2010

help for a friend

recently I received this shocking email about my blog buddy Gina of Feather Your Nest:

Many of you are familiar with Gina Drennon at Feather Your Nest either through her lovely online store & blog (www.shopfeatheryournest.com) or maybe her store's many mentions in some of our favorite magazines & blogs. She has become a close friend of mine, and probably some of yours, and she needs our help.

Last week her dear husband died tragically of a heart attack. He was 39 years old & appeared to be in perfect health. They were high school sweethearts, had been together over 20 years and married 16 and spoke of each other like they were newlyweds--true soulmates. They have two beautiful sons as well, I cannot remember their exact ages but I know are middle school & elementary school aged. Michael worked hard for his family so Gina could live her dream of being a shop owner. And their lives have been turned upside down.
She quickly decided that she has must close her store so she can focus on her family & find a job that will provide a steady salary & benefits that they've now lost, & move on with their new life as soon as possible. The problem with doing it now is her store is located in a tourist resort & it currently "off season" which will not begin to even pick up for several months and not fully until late spring/early summer and her store isn't even open in January regardless. Selling as much as possible online as quickly as possible, will certainly help her out.
We've all seen the mountains a group of bloggers can move when we band together. I'm kindly asking that each of you post something on your blog to encourage your readers to shop with her, and/or pass it on to others, tweet it, whatever. Gina does not know I am doing this, she is first very proud and would never ask for help, and dislikes any attention. But she is a generous soul and I have watched her donate goods and money to others in need more often than anyone. I feel helpless watching her struggle from afar & am trying to think of anything I can do to help.
Currently she is trying to get her store back online. She had a friend just delete all the files off the site after his death and when I e-mailed her earlier she was attempting to re-upload all the files and then post notices....hoping to finish within the next 24 hours. She will start out with all merchandise at 25% off site-wide.

Thank you,
Jennifer Bradley

Gina has been one of my very best blog friends and a wonderful Storia HOME supporter - she even bought some of my items to sell in her store last year and I was lucky enough to visit her in person last November and see her adorable store.

The news about Gina's sweet husband is so just so sad and so unbelievable, and I want to do whatever I can to help make this transition easier for her in anyway possible.
So, if you can please go visit Gina's online shoppe and grab a few good deals.
Also I know she would cherish your prayers as well.

I will miss her cute little shoppe so much, but I know our loss in no way can touch hers.

But maybe we can help it lessen. At least in a small way.

Thanks friends!


  1. I'll be sure to pass this along

  2. I will post about this on my blog right now, Jerusalem... It's ok if I copy the letter, isn't it?

  3. Done! I needed a few Birthday gifts for friends!- Thanks for sharing- I will hold her and her precious family close in prayers!

  4. Thanks for letting me know, I went over and bought a candle. GIna is in my prayers.
    Take care,

  5. oh that is tragic! Will put a link up on my blog! Rachaelxo


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