Wednesday, December 02, 2009

a light dusting

my sweet man says that he loves how I decorate for Christmas. That I put a light coating over the whole house. Isn't that sweet? I think it is sweet.
This week has been all about getting back to school, getting Christmas up and so forth and so on. The house is almost done, just a few spots that have not been given their fair dusting...I promise more pictures when I am finished. For now, here is this years bedroom tree. Notice the blue paint swatch behind the tree?


  1. Looks great! I love the topper on the tree. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Jerusalem - last nite I took time to browse through your blog and really enjoyed it. You inspire me to be creative, to be a flufffer, to stop and think about even the little bitty things I take for granted. Love ya lots!

  3. what a lovely thing to say! your hubby is very sweet!
    he's right too - you make everything so glimmery & pretty - i love it! you are very inspiring! this year when i took out our christmas boxes, i finally got rid of everything i didn't absolutely love. i'm following my love of aqua, pinks, reds, pale greens & silver (and lots of glitter!) and i love the difference!

  4. Very sweet. Also wanted to tell you how cute we thought your family pics are on fb. Judea did a nice job, but your outfits and smiles made them so unique! Y'all could totally be a traveling family band -- the alt/indie (read cooler and way better) version of the Jonas brothers! Ha!

  5. what a lovely thing for your man to say! Rachaelxo


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