Saturday, December 05, 2009

christmas market

The Parlor Girls Return!

My Goodies:

Jeanetta's Goodies:

Friday I had a crafty sleepover with Jeanetta and then Saturday we spent all day at a Christmas Craft Market in Conway.

Business was not booming, but I made enough to hit a shoe sale!

The best part by far was just getting to spend almost 24 hours with Jeanetta. Our lives are so hectic and our schedules so opposite right now that we don't get a lot of quality or quantity time together these days. This craft market was the perfect excuse to hang out and have fun!


  1. A crafty sleepover, aye? I think Dennis and I had one of those a while back...

  2. I love the Charlie Brown Christmas tree! Great job!

  3. lovely set up lovely goodies, hope you are going to show us the new shoes??? Rachaelxo

  4. Even I know there's nuthin' like SISTAS!

  5. Oh, my... cute overload!!


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