Sunday, November 15, 2009

tabletop trees

This is my new (hand-me-down!) bench that now sits in front of the living room window.
I am totally in-love with this bench and am already thinking of all the things I can stack and display on it (besides people's behinds when we have a full house!)

The one thing I am positive about, is that this year we will have a live "table tree" in a metal bucket sitting on it for sure.
I have always loved table tree's and can't wait to play with this idea in a few weeks!

Here are a few of my favorite table trees:

Martha is the QUEEN of table trees. This is cover of one of her Christmas books.

This is one inside it's pages...

This is one from Country Living's Christmas book.
(great book by the way!)

And of course, from Martha's website.
This is more the size I think ours will be, but I hope to display the presents all around like pictures 2 & 3, on and below the bench.

Oh, I can't wait!


  1. Oh! I love it!! I have been "on the hunt" in our local antique mall for one...and I'm like you- mainly for all the fun possibilities!
    p.s.- in today's post you will find one of your lovely banners- I ordered it from Polka Dot Mom last year- and LOVE it! :)

  2. It's such a fun look! I'm thinking it might be nice for my home office.

  3. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

  4. LOVE the bench!! I would have a house full of them if possible!!

  5. Your tree is going to look lovely on that wonderful bench.
    Can't wait to see :)

  6. What a great idea! Can't wait to see photos.

  7. Cute! Growing up we had a potted Norfolk pine we would "dress up" every year for Christmas. Love your bench!

  8. That bench is super cute! Martha has the greatest ideas.

  9. i LOVE table top trees too! I don't have alive one, but several feather trees in different colors. Love them


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