Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Etsy Oh My!

(fun vintage wrapping paper image, just cause...)

Today was a busy, sunny day and I wasn't home for more than 10 minutes in between shifts at the school, lunch with a friend, and other various errands, so I had not had any time to read any of my regular blogs or check in with the world via Facebook.... but every time I did manage to find a few moments to check my email from my phone I noticed I had banner orders. And not just one or 2, but several. After about the 4th order in one day I started to wonder what was going on, and why had the stars suddenly aligned my way, but the work and kids and husband interrupted and I just pushed the question aside, and chalked it up to good luck and went about my evening trying to keep the American economy afloat (i.e. shopping trip to Target.)

When I finally got home, kicked off my shoes and sat down at the computer I found a little gift of an email from Kara at McMaster and Storm with this in the Subject line: "Did you know you were featured on Decor 8?"

Guess who was on today's Etsy Take Five Tuesday feature on the Decor 8 blog??

My little Storia HOME shoppe and my humble little banners!

I feel so honored to have my work featured on such a great & fun style blog!!
Thanks Holly! You are the best and I really appreciate it (so does my Holiday pocketbook!)


  1. Yea You.
    You are the best banner maker in the world. Congrats to you for being in Decor 8.

  2. Congrats! What an honor, and great surprise for you. Free advertising too- the best kind! :)

  3. Yippie I am sure you were so glad to get a few custom orders, you do have the cutest banners. I loved the one I ordered from you for my Daughters baby Shower. Your the best. Congratulations!
    Diane at saturdayfinds.blogspot.com

  4. Yay! Love your banners!

  5. Well deserved..I love your style!!
    You'd better get busy!

  6. Such good news! Congratulations!
    Jane - Jacksonville

  7. That's huge Jerusalem! Congratulations!

  8. Congrats, and super banners!

  9. you deserve it, Roo!

  10. Excellent!! So proud to say "I've met her!" Love it all!! Congratulations!!

  11. Yippie!!! Congratulations!!


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