Monday, November 02, 2009

all things jolly


It is November, the sun is bright and shining (please, oh please let it stay this way!) the air is cool and crisp, and I am excited to be officially in Holiday mode!

I love Halloween, but more for the fun of seeing everyone dressed up, for our annual Halloween Hoopla party and for the changing of the season that it brings with it than for any real nostalgic or aesthetic reasons. So while it was fun, I am happy - no giddy really - to be moving on!

This year, I feel a renewed sense of excitement and inspiration about the Holidays. I think it is in large part because there is less pressure on me creatively and time wise this year, than in recent years. Even though I miss having the space with my partner in Crafty Crime- Jeanetta at The Shoppes on Woodlawn, it is nice to not be overwhelmed this year as we kick-off November. To be able to sketch and come up with new ideas, and to know that I will have the time to make some of those little sketches come to life, and that when I do, I will not have to mass produce them in a few short weeks is heavenly. I can simply do as many as I want to do and that will be that.

Even though we are both doing a lot less this year, both Jeanetta and I agreed that we couldn't give up crafting together at Christmas, so we (as The Parlor Girls,) are going to be selling our crafty wares on at least 1 (maybe a couple of more) occasions in the next 6 weeks at some local holiday shopping events. I even picked up a few papers and other Christmas craft supplies today that I cannot wait to use to make some new banners, advent garlands, wall plaques and other goodies!
I also picked up some pipe cleaners that I need to hand dye, but I don't want to purchase big boxes of Rit Dye for the small amounts I am doing. Has anyone ever tried dying pipe cleaners the way you dye Easter eggs? With food coloring and vinegar? Thoughts? Ideas?


  1. I'm excited for your excitement if that makes sense. I hope you have a very fulfilling holiday season this year and enjoy every moment of it.

  2. Have fun crafting! Your supplies look wonderful!
    Hugs, Lisa

  3. excited to see your holiday items! Not sure about the dying :-) But it could be worth a shot!!

  4. Love the colors in your supplies! Can't wait to see what you create.

  5. I tried food coloring and pipe cleaners a few years ago when I made the martha easter basket ornaments.

    It is a total CRAFT FAIL. Do not attempt, I repeat, do not attempt. LOL

    Really though...kool aid will dye natural fibers only. Pipe cleaners are not natural fibers. You must use something like RIT.

  6. Hmmm - I'm reading Sarah's comment. I had thought about mentioning Kool-Aid, too. But I'm thinking about ordering some all-cotton pipe cleaners, so maybe that will work.

  7. I was thinking there was a tutorial last year about bleaching/coloring bottlebrush trees that might be helpful....but then I found this in my bookmarks. Still dye, but not rit and available for smaller quantities/batches.

  8. I am eager to see all the crafty goodies you come up with.


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