Saturday, October 03, 2009


For a variety of reasons - aesthetic and emotional and personal - I wanted to keep things lighter, more playful, and simpler this Halloween.
And I wanted to use pink.

So I made myself a banner (imagine!) and decided on a loose theme of "Bewitched" -
more of a Nicole Kidman/Nora Ephron kind of Bewitched, light and airy and slightly ruffly and very pink.

To do this I added some fringe garland to some paper lanterns I had on hand, cut out some birds in black & white patterned paper, and threw it all up on the mantle with the banner.
I think it is pretty cute for a last minute idea.

Wanting to keep things simple, I also took down my scrolly candle holders from either side of the map and I think they may be down for good... What do you think?

Lately I have been dreaming of an airier, lighter feel in the living room and hoping that 2010 will be the year of A New Couch & Rug, or at least a new room re-arrangement.

I know I need to finish our bedroom first but I am setting that goal for Thanksgiving, so that leaves 2010 wide open for other design projects....


  1. Lovely! Happy belated birthday too :)

  2. super cute as usual. I love the twist you put on things...always so colorful and happy!

  3. I think you have the most joyful, fun, happy looking home I have ever seen! Darling decorations!

  4. How I love your decorated mantles!!! This one is especially festive!!! Fall Blessings my friend!

  5. What a fun take on Halloween! I love the hanging lanterns with the ruffle trim. Really cute!!

    I think the map stands out more with the candle holders down, but that said I like it both ways. Maybe they can find a home in another spot in your pretty house?

  6. I love the banner. I am so into banners this year. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I think it's all just perfect. I'm feeling color these days. Don't know what's going on with me but I just can't get enough.

  8. I LOVE the idea of pink for Halloween and I think you did a great job of it!! Thanks for all of the wonderful pictures. I haven't started decorating for Halloween yet but I just may include something pink and I'll think of you if I do!! : )

    ~ Wendy

  9. Cute, cute!! I will say, that your candleholders on either side were my absolute favorite things on/around your mantle and made me want to rethink my own, but we all need a little change, don't we??

  10. Cute! I totally understand wanting things a bit airier...but your candle sticks are always so cute...I don't know if I could give them up...tough choice : )

  11. I truly love your bewitched banner! I have a great fireplace for something like that hmmmm :)

  12. As always you did a super cute job of decorating & putting an adorably pink spin on Halloween! Love it!

  13. Simply lovely! I always enjoy hearing about your inspiration. I love how your mind works!


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