Monday, September 14, 2009

state fair entry

I recently watch the movie State Fair for the first time and it was adorable. My grandmother has a copy - along with most of Roger & Hammerstein's other works - but somehow I had missed this one before.

The movie itself was the most romantic notion of a State Fair ever - in typical Roger & Hammerstein fashion. Complete with the cutest little mini-trailer camp, adorable clothes and the most perfect farm house ever.
What the acting lacked, the art direction more than made up for it. I am going to have to get it on DVD just so I can look at it again and again.

It made me want to "take back" the quainter qualities of our State Fair. Just like so many of us are picking back up, and paying tribute to the domestic arts like knitting, sewing & baking, I want to do the same for the Fair...

The movie got me thinking about how to do this and wondering about all the Blue Ribbon competitions that go on during the Fair.
Since I have never been in 4-H or part of a farming community myself, I have never paid much attention to the competition portion of the fair, even though I know it goes on. In fact it has been several years since we have even been to the State Fair (these pictures are from a county fair a few years ago) and I can't remember what sorts of crafts I may have seen while there...

Jeanetta- my partner in craft crime & who I share a weird mind link with- had been thinking the exact same thing, only about her local County Fair (since I live in the state capitol, our county doesn't get a fair - we just get the big one!) And had already started looking into entering some of her Aprons and other crafty items at her upcoming fair.

So last Sunday, while we were together, we got online and started looking at the State Fair website, and investigating all the various categories under which we could enter some of our creative endeavors.
For someone who doesn't Can, or Sew much, I was really surprised at how many categories I could enter my paper based and other crafts under!

But our Fair date is not that far away, and I did not have time to get my online entry form filled out and sent in by the deadline. I could still enter with a paper form, but I am a little unsure. I think I want to wait a year and take a look-see this year at what other people are entering and so forth. Take some time to get my game-plan together for next year, so I can create and enter with confidence. Not so I would win, but so I would be proud of what I had entered. Does that make sense? Am I being silly to want to wait?
What do you think?
Have you ever entered a County or State Fair?
If so, what was the experience like?
Do you want to take back your Fair?


  1. Go for it!!! I agree with you on waiting till next year, that way you aren't rushed, and can really take your time and completely enjoy the process! You go girl!!!

  2. Absolutely, enter. Years ago when I was about 10, I entered my chocolate chips. The recipe was right off the Toll House bag -- nothing special, nothing unique. But lo and behold, I won a blue ribbon and $5. This was a very big deal to me then. Even today, many moons later, when I ask my kids if they want me to make my prize-winning cookies, they say YES. Who knows, you may have something to crow about for years to come -- so try. Do try.

  3. Great post! Your pics are wonderful! I hope I remember to take my camera when I go this year! We have the State Fair here in Raleigh so we go all out!

  4. "Our state fair is the best state fair, it is the best state fair ever!"

    Love the pics and yes you should enter. Now is the moment...


  5. I think it's a great idea! I found out, too, that at our fair if you enter something in a competition you get a free pass---that's motivation enough for me!

  6. I LOVE that movie! I've always wanted to enter a cake or jam in the fair but never remember the entry form. Might get on it if there is still time. I'll do it if you do! :)

  7. Just did a whole bunch of posts about the mid-State California fair we went to this August ( I love a good fair! and like you, have thought of entering some stuff, and just haven't done it yet. next year, next year... you should too!
    p.s., gotta post my photos of the rides too... haven't done that yet, and i just love fair pics :)

  8. I remember going to a state fair many years ago when I was a little girl. It was in Danbury, CT. My aunt and uncle took my sister and I. I remember bits and pieces of it such as the livestock and the neat kinds of food. I REALLY remember the smell of the livestock and how I felt sorry for the animals that had tags in their ears. : ) LOL. Thanks so much for the memories!!

    ~ Wendy

  9. I haven't entered anything but my friend Dulcy entered some of her hooked rugs and won 3 ribbons!!! You can catch it on her blog:
    I use to go to the fair with my mother and brother (sometimes father too) and have many wonderful memories from it. I saw the movie State Fair a long time ago and your post makes me want to see it again. Blessings and Happy Fall, kt

  10. I think you should enter this year!!! I entered a collage a few years back, not really knowing what I was doing and I won first place! Just jump. What's the worst that can happen? Here's what I entered:


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