Friday, September 11, 2009

A Moment

Today at the school where I work we took a moment of silence to remember 9/11.
Part of my morning duties are to write tardy slips and all morning I wrote the date over and over and over. In the office we all told stories of where we were when the planes hit, or when we first heard the news.

I was at my mother's house, lying in her bed, half asleep watching the Today Show when the first plane hit. I sat up in bed, not really knowing what I was watching.
I was on the phone with My Sweet Man when the second plane hit and we all suddenly knew the first plane was not an accident of any kind.

This morning, while we were telling our stories, one of our 8th grade students was in the office, and she knew so little about the event, and yet she wanted to know so much more. I was proud of her for caring, for being curious, for paying attention and for being in a school where there were adults who were taking the time to answer her questions.

Today, Nathan sent me a link to this phenomenal interactive map of Manhattan that the History Channel put together, where you can view armature film footage from that day.

If you get the chance , I would urge you to take a moment watch some of the videos or watch the special tonight on PBS, and remember that day and all the days since that have been changed because of it.


  1. I was in bed, early morning, on the other side of the world listening to the radio and thinking that the announcers were joking, until we turned on the TV..... god bless those lost & their families - Rachaelxo

  2. Thanks for that link. I was in bed trying to not feel sick (I was pg with Max) and my brother called me and told me to turn on the TV, "Was it real?" he asked... Then we saw the next tower fall and both started crying.

  3. Wow! What a great idea to get all that together. I don't know if I can watch. It is still very real. I'm the type who had to watch when it was happening to be "in control" I do the same with storm coverage. I will keep the link just in case I need it in the future!
    Hugs, Lisa

  4. I want to say something here. I do. But, I'm all out of words. Everything I think of it what I already posted. I guess there's just this. I remember.

    I'll never forget.


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