Friday, September 25, 2009

Fall Break

Today school got out for our Fall Break and we are all excited and ready.
Several co-workers & students asked me " so what are you going to do on your break?"
My answer: "Nothing!"
Well that is not entirely true, but I am planning for us to keep it simple around here.
A trip to the library, a playdate or 2 and that is about it.
Hopefully some crafting and cooking will get done but I am not putting any pressure on myself about that, and maybe those Halloween Decorations will finally go up, but if they don't that is OK too. The point is to relax and enjoy being a family, being home together and just being.

Miles of course doesn't quite see eye to eye with me on the whole "taking it easy" plan, and as soon as we got home today he set up shop on the front stoop.

Welcome to R.J.'s Ribbon Shoppe.

I have no idea what the R & the J stand for.

I gave him a box of ribbon scraps

and I made a sign... but the rest is all him.
He discovered Sales as a vocation last weekend at my mom's yard sale, where he sold Peanuts for Pennies to willing customers (and some not so willing.)

I love that he even thought about presentation. He set up this display by taking the scraps and rolling them up and arranging them in this shopping basket turned on it's side.
He even made 2 sales before closing up shoppe for the night.
OK, so one of the sales was to me, and the other to our across-the-street neighbor, but he thought it was wonderful.
I am sure he will be at it again at some point in the near future.

While we were outside I took a moment to snap some shots of the boys.
I said "Smile like you love your Mother" and this is what I got.

I am a lucky one indeed.


  1. Lucky, huh? Very BLESSED you are!

  2. I'm on a break too, and I like to keep it simple

  3. A salesman in the making - too cute! Rachaelxo


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