Thursday, August 13, 2009

it's a boys life

Here are the pictures from the boys room. Pictures I took for the Cookie Nesting blog.
There room theme is sort of "vintage USA boy" inspired by their love of history and my love of vintage.

The boys are standing/sitting on a huge cedar trunk that my father-in-law made for them. It houses all of their dress-up stuff plus whatever else gets tossed in there when they are cleaning up. I keep saying I am going to dump everything out and start from scratch, but that has yet to happen...

Being an old house, the closet situation is not great over all. In their room they have 1 small closet that has an even smaller door, so most of the toy storage has to happen out in the open. I used inexpensive industrial type shelves to flank the vintage chest of drawers (a family piece.) The black pulls on the dresser came from Lowes and were in with the more heavy duty gate latches and pulls. Previously every other knob and pull we had tried on this dresser just came off because the drawers were so heavy and long. These pulls have worked great and the boys can really get a grip on them and handle the drawers much better.

Patchwork curtains sewed by my mother. Almost all of the fabrics are leftover scraps from other design jobs. I think the only one I actually bought for these panels is the blue "states" travel print you can see towards the top of the picture.

These beds can be bunked, which is how we have had them for a year or 2, but it was time for a change. The boys love them this way, and I love that I can now lay down and snuggle and read with each boy as needed.

I had to bring in a few globes of course. They have a globe lamp in between their beds, and then there are little globes as finials on their curtain rods.
Now I just need a great old USA Map for the wall....

The desk area. Mostly this is where they keep all their art supplies, notebooks, papers and such.
Also it is usually piled high with library books, dirty socks, very important rocks, leaves and sticks and who knows what.
The desk was actually my mother-in-laws dressing table when she was growing up. We have a mirror that goes with it somewhere...

So that is it. That is what it looks like (pretty much) when it is clean.
If you come to visit I can't promise it will be so tidy!

(*This room is also very hard to get good pictures of - we have lighting issues in here and I can never seem to get the pictures to turn out as clear as I want, so I apologize for the blurriness!)


  1. So cute! I looooooove the window treatments!

  2. Okay- I want to come see your house sometime neighbor! We have really similar taste I think! I'm glad you're working at the kids' school- Need to get our kids together! (Have a block/school party!) :)

  3. Love the boys' room!! I think you have inspired me with the window treatments. I was just gonna do a roll up look topper in ticking, but I love the patchwork. So cute!!

  4. Very cute. Had to LOL at the "very important rocks"! Carter is a rock collector--well, just an all around scavenger. Finally I just got one of those Anchor Hocking glass jars for the rocks to live in on his desk. I gave up trying to return them to the wild.

  5. May I ask what the fabric with states is called/ My son would love this! Beautiful room.

  6. A great room for boys to grow up in. Obi approves.


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