Thursday, August 13, 2009

i * heart * school

It's true. I love school. For the most part I always have. Over the entire span of my childhood I was able to experience a variety of schooling - private school, public school and home schooling, and there were things I liked and disliked about each.

(from EthanOllie)

I truly loved college. I think because it was the best of all of those worlds put together. I loved my professors (Dr. Wight, Dr. Hosclaw, Dr. Cole just to name a few...) and I loved most of my classes, living on campus, buying new notebooks, workstudy jobs in the philosophy, theatre and psychology departments. The majors I tried and dumped, the major I stuck with. The boyfriends, the best friends, the days skipping classes to go to the lake, the mornings of rolling out of bed and into class still in my pajama's. Rice Crispy Treat Day in the cafeteria.
Old buildings, new buildings, the musty library.
Being with everyone.

(from 26OliveStreet)

It is a running joke that I am turning our house into a One-Room-School house with my collection of maps, globes, chalkboards, rulers and vintage children's books.
I just can't help myself. I *heart* school.
So I guess it should come as no surprise that I love working in one now.

(globe from Etsy)

This year, in attempt to simplify our lives and get us all on the same schedule, I took a job at my kids school. I am teaching Cooking & Nutrition to 6th graders in the afternoons and then I stay and also help out with dismissal. Now I am one of those strange people who really likes Middle/Jr High aged kids. They are perhaps my favorite. I know, lots of people find that odd, but it is true. Back when I was a camp counselor (light years ago) they were my favorite age group and they still are - I find them to be a hoot and a half.

(from Sydg)

So I have loved being at the school, have loved getting to know the kids. Yesterday I was offered another shift , a morning shift, where I would help out with arrivals, writing tardy slips (why does that sound like the most fun job ever?) and do some tutoring.
After I got over the initial shock of the idea of having to get up and be out of the house so early each day, I realized that I really wanted to take the job. I wanted to be at the school more;
I wanted to be there with my kids (the school goes from K-12) and I wanted to be there with the other kids too.

(from GroovinTuesday)

So once again, my little life is shifting a little more.
This will mean less glittering, but I am not stopping cold turkey. This just means I will have to be choosier about when and how many banners I make. I will be doing less Wholesale, and more "limited editions" on Holiday items. Also I hope the new increase in my paycheck will mean I will feel the freedom to say "no" to request when I am really too busy, and not worry that saying "no" means I won't be able to pay my cell phone bill or fill up my gas tank.
I hope that this new "financial freedom" from the glitter bottle will mean I can branch out and try my hand at some other creative projects that I have been itching to explore.

The era of "more school, less glitter" has begun, and I am excited to see what it holds!

(I am pretty sure it holds learning how to cook in a Crock-pot but that is a 'nother post...)


  1. Congratulations to you girl. I hope you will be very happy. Isn't amazing when you sit and reflect on your life and the changes that happen? I hope these are all for the better!

  2. I'm so glad you're finding joy & peace with your new job!


  3. I'm home all day and still use the ol' crock pot. Today in fact!!!!!!!!

  4. Congratulations! And when you do find some recipes please share!

  5. I'm so happy for you! Everything seems to be working out perfectly!

  6. 1. I am loving every darn thing about this post.

    2. I am loving the Alison Krauss on your sidebar. One of my all-time favorite cds.

    3. Congrats on the new job!! It sounds right up your alley. (Also - the school I attended growing up was k-12! I thought we were the only ones...) :)

  7. I worked in my daugters pre school and loved having her right down the hall. When she went off to 1st grade I got a job in the public high school with my two older kids! They all used to kid that I was following them thru their school lives. It was wonderful getting to know all the teachers and just being there. Even though the older ones complained at times...they now look back and think it was awesome that I was always "just around the corner" in high school! (on the other hand I think it would have been a total drag to have my mom in high school with me!)
    Congrats on the new won't regret it!


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