Saturday, August 08, 2009

Dear Mary

Dear Mary Engelbreit,
I miss you so very much.
Sometimes I cannot bare to look at back issues of your Home Companion because I am too aware of the void that is now in all our mailboxes and hearts.

But there are rumors on your new website (which I *heart* by the way) of Home Companion Workshops and a Home Companion Blog coming soon and I can hardly stand the wait. Oh, I do hope you publish lots of pretty pictures and ideas on your blog, and I hope that you share lots of holiday inspirations and craft how-to's on there as well.
I really don't know how I will make it through Halloween or Christmas without you sparking my imagination, I really don't.

Also, I know you must have moved again and I am just dying to see your latest house....
So please, do not take too long to come back to me. Nest fluffing just isn't the same without you!

Sincerely, woefully, and as always your faithful fan,


  1. A woman after my own heart.... my sentiments, EXACTLY!!! I have been having Home Companion withdraws, being heartbroken when the magazine came to a screeching halt, my mailbox will never be the same!

    You have such a sweet place here!

    Happy day!

  2. I have such a void in my magazine world when Home Companion stopped publication. It was the ONLY magazine that made my heart pitter patter when I saw it in my mailbox (and I get alot of magazines). I so want that little magazine back in my life!

  3. Oh I so agree! Home Companion was the only magazine that I actually subscribed to and it always made me smile when I saw it in my mailbox!

  4. Oh boy, do I agree! I LOVED that magazine and have every copy. Thank goodness I saved them. There are several magazines I miss, but MEHC was the best - so inspiring in every way. I have not given up hope that it may come back some day!

  5. True, true, true. I think I have been in a mild state of depression since Home Companion went away. I have all the issues since day one saved. Thank goodness for blogs, they keep me inspired.

  6. We live not very far away from where she (used to? was? is still?*) living and everytime I drive through that tiny town I wonder which house was hers.

    *Pretty sure she is still in the STL area somewhere, but that was an uber small, rural kind of town.

  7. Oh how I loved that magazine!!! How wonderful a blog would be! : )

  8. I agree with you completely! I am glad I saved some old issues! I miss her!!!!!!!!

  9. A toast to you -- I couldn't have said it better myself!

  10. Darling, where have you been?! The 'Mary Engelblog' is up!

    And you know she has a facebook fan page, too, right? It's called 'Friends of ME' and it's the only official ME fan group on facebook. (It won't let me link to it here, tho...)

    Just keep readin' thru all of those old issues until MEHC returns, my dear! ;0)

  11. I was so, so sad when Mary announced that she was losing her publisher. I loved her Home Companion and I have all her books too! Imagine my surprise when I realized one of the blogs I was reading belonged to one of her long-time collaborator's. Besides, Mary also has a son named Evan.

    I recently came upon a store that still carries Mary Englebreit fabric and I bought a long length to us in my apron making because I've found that almost everyone loves Mary's happy artwork!

    Thanks for bringing up Mary!

  12. I'm with you! I've been looking at old issues lately, trying to find something I didn't see the first time.

  13. Oh, I agree! We need her back! Home Companion was good for so many different reasons--some bought it for the crafting, I bought it for the gardens and recipes. Yes, this is my most favorite magazine of all times and still look through all my back issues for every season. Be sure to let us know when she has a blog!

  14. Only magazine junkies can understand the heartache! I did notice on that Ki and Matthew Mead are teaming up to bring us a new magazine called Flea Market Style. Thank goodness someone is trying to help us! Love your blog and your style,you are on my daily read list. Cindy


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