Monday, July 06, 2009

winners and such

Here is a little last minute 4th of July "mobile" I made on my grandmothers screened porch.

Just bits of newspaper stars, bakers twine and star punch-oust all glued & tied together

I loved watching it blow in the breeze. A simple decoration, one that doesn't make a huge impact on camera, but one that was fun to create and share nonetheless.
Sometimes just creating something is the fun part, regardless of how perfect or earth shattering it is (or isn't!)

Speaking of sharing - I used my favorite Number Generator's (Sweet Man, Wylie & Miles) to pick the winners of the Belated Birthday Giveaway and now I get to share them!

They are

Cathy of Cathymac's Holiday Hamlet
MommaX3 of Joy, Love and Whimsy
Shara of Monkeybox

Congrats gals!!

Shoot me an email @ jerusalemgreer (at) gmail (dot) com to tell me which prize you would like most!!

Thanks to everyone who left a comment and got the word out - it has been lots of fun and I really appreciate all the magazine love you sent my way!!

OK, I am off to recoup from my mini-vacation. My house and my brain feel like a bomb went off in them and I need to get re-orientated to "real life" again!


  1. Cute mobile, lucky girls...

  2. Love your mobile. It's the simple, hand-made things that are truly the most beautiful & special.

  3. Love your garland. Such simple beautiful. That light fixture is pretty too.

    I am catching up on blog reading and wanted to say congrats on your magazine article. Your mantle is just fabulous as usual. I am also in love with the large map on your wall. Anytime I think "mantel", it brings to mind your professor mantle w/the school map and Halloween banner.

  4. Yay! Me??? I never win ANYTHING!! Thanks soooo much!! I sent you an email!! Love ya!!

  5. super cute mobile! Congrats to the winners!


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