Wednesday, July 08, 2009

whats that shiny stripey dotted thing over there?

So I was working on this really deep and profound post about why tomorrow is my last day at the library (tears) and why I have a new job starting in 1.5 weeks at my kids new school (happy dance) and the book (despite my natural aversion to most self-help books) that helped me reach the hard decision to leave the library and seek work that was more my-family friendly...

yeah, I was working on that post, when something bright and stripey and polka-dotted caught my eye over at Apartment Therapy LA and suddenly I found myself dumping that post for this one ...

but can you blame me? Just look at this caravan!

I really think this belongs to me don't you?
You can find these and lots of other yummy photos over in the gallery of Not Chintz

Also, if I had that caravan this is the book I would be reading in it every summer.
This is my favorite "summer read" of the season so far and if you haven't read it you should! I think I finished it in record time.
Much thanks to Relyn for recommending it!!

(Oh, but if you do have some decisions to make - big or small - and you are finding it hard to prioritize and boil things down to what is really important, I really do suggest this book - it is simple but very life-changing at the same time!)


  1. we'd be camping in style in that baby!

    I hope you're finding some peace & relief in your decision :)

    hugs ~


  2. Holy moly! That caravan is the ultimate dream vacation spot, isn't it? I'm swooning. Congratulations on your new job. It's so hard to find the balance in work and family. I made a similar decision a couple of years ago and found working at my son's school more rewarding than I could imagine. I love every day that I'm there - and riding with my favorite carpooling buddy and seeing him in the halls is just a huge bonus to an already great job! I wish you a lot of happiness! xo-Mel

  3. hello girly! so sorry tom is your last day...we totally planned on bringing you a little parting goody and wishing you the best, but alas...THE ACCIDENT occured. i will so miss stalking you but best wishes in home ec! ;)

  4. what an inspiration pic!

    if your head was easily turned by that, you know in your heart that you made the right decision. {i hope that came out right}


  5. THAT is a beautiful camper. I could totally "summer" in there :) Thanks for the book recommendation...I too may be approaching a crossroads, so I'm especially thankful.

  6. Wow - it looks like you decorated it yourself! Sooooooooo cute!!

    Sorry about the library job, but happy you've found another position in this hard job market!

    School jobs are great for moms because you have the same schedule/calendar. Also they usually have good benefits (health insurance, retirement) to offset the 'low' salaries. (I speak as a retired school librarian!)

    What will you do in the school? Seems early to start school - July?Best of luck to you! You're so very talented that I'm sure you'll do well.

    Jane - Jacksonville, FL

  7. Note to self: get a cute camper!! Love that!! So cute!!

  8. That almost makes me want to camp.

  9. Love that camper. Know a couple of ladies around here that fix up these type of campers and go on women only retreats! Wouldn't that be fun! In a little cooler weather that is.

  10. I agree! That looks so like you! I wish you could have it :) Hope you're having a good summer.

  11. What a darling trailor ~ reminds me of Mary Jane Butter's glam camping air streams only this one is cuter! Happy Summer blessings!

  12. Hi, Jerusalem - just wanted to thank you so much for this book recommendation! I started it a couple of days ago, thought I'd read "just one more chapter" with coffee at breakfast, and, well, you know the rest - couldn't put it down, read to the end, the laundry and everything else had to wait. It really is the perfect summer book. Thanks again!


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