Sunday, July 19, 2009

time to ROCK!

Word to the wise - if you are going to name your soon Miles Simon Cash for Miles Davis, Paul Simon and Johnny Cash, the time is going to come, when he is going to want to ROCK!

And for us, that time has arrived.

Miles had his 5th birthday party this past weekend and it was a blast.
The theme was completely picked out by him, as were all the activities:

Like jamming on his Daddoe's guitars. Isn't his Daddoe so sweet to let those boys play on real guitars? Those boys can rock! We let them turn the amps up and play to their hearts content - it was pretty cute.

All Rock-n-Roller's need serious rock costumes as well, so we had a craft time and made some "rockin' visors" and "rollin' wrist bands."

Thanks to the clearance section at Hobby Lobby, and my paper scraps this craft cost all of $6.50 in total for 5 boys.

Miles wanted to be able to sit at the bar and drink Root Beers (his fav drink) while waiting on their personal pizza's to cook, so I dressed up our little bitty bar best I could and set out some popcorn for them to munch on while they waited...

Rockin' Noise Makers and Backstage Passes for each guest as they arrived...

Party favors included a compilation CD, Rock Show Tickets, pixie sticks and some seriously cool rock-n-roll stickers.

Homemade cupcakes with blue pixie dust "stars" where a big yummy hit.

This was one of those last minute projects where I just used what I had on hand.
I used the pixie sticks for the star coloring and for the template I just used my star punch on a heavy piece of card stock and then went to town dusting the top of each little cake.

The stars weren't all perfect (would have had to have smoother icing for that) but it was fun to try them and no one seemed to mind either way...

Miles seemed to love them and that is what matters most!

I can't believe my baby is 5. Look at that smiles. That kid can light up a room when he wants too!

The party was great fun, and now most of the guitars have been put back in Daddoe's office, but I have a feeling the rockin' has just begun....


  1. My birthday has always been a favorite celebration of mine...I can't wait to have a little one to create special memories, like this, for! Great job! How FUN!!! : )

  2. That is stinkin awesome! I love that he wanted to sit at the bar and have root beer. Too cute! And love the goodie bags. You have the best kids’ parties!

  3. Great party! You always have the best ideas.

  4. What a fantastic party! What little boy doesn't want to be a rock star? Heck what 47 yr old mom doesn't! Ha! Looks like it was a blast!
    Fondly, Rhonda in CA

  5. You carried out the theme beautifully - I bet the boys had a blast! Love the invites and the favor bags - too cute!

  6. We have a hobby lobby in our neck of the woods, I should make more of an effort and go there. A rock party is a great idea! I will have to add that one to my list.

  7. you ROCK, too, mama! I love the photo with Milesy & his birthday cake ~ so cute!


  8. What a fabulous 5th birthday party! Happy Birthday Miles! Time sure flies for us mamas, doesn't it? xo-Mel

  9. What a great party! I'm definitely bookmarking this for ideas for my son's birthdays.

  10. What a terrific party! Mamma, you rock!


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