Thursday, July 02, 2009

summer salad

This weekend we will be going to my grandmothers to celebrate the 4th with my family and I cannot wait. I look forward the spending the 4th with my family @ my grandmothers place all year. Fried chicken, homemade ice cream, sparklers, a screened in porch ... what more could you want? Because my mom has been a saint and had my children all week, and because my sweet Maw does not need to be worn out cooking for our whole crew, the duty then falls to me, the next eldest female in attendance to pull the meal together.

On the Menu:
*Fried Chicken
*Summer Salad
*Mom's Noodle Slaw
*Maws Potato Salad
*Homemade Ice Cream
*Fresh Watermelon

Here is the recipe for what I am calling Summer Salad - hands down our favorite salad of the summer thus far, which is how it got it's name! It is somewhat similar to a tabbouleh salad, and anyone who comes into my house when there is a bowl of it in the fridge cannot keep their hands off of it - it is that good!

*Boil 1 1/2 Cups Stock (chicken, beef or vegetable)
*Pour Boiling Stock over 1 Cup plain Couscous
*Set aside to cool

In a large bowl combine:
*1 peeled and thinly sliced large cucumber
* about 1-2 cups of Grape Tomato's, Sliced on the diagonal
* 1 Cup of Feta Cheese (more if you love feta!) crumbled
* 1 small purple onion, sliced very thinly
*Take 2-3 Fresh Ears of Corn, cleaned and slightly cooked (enough to not be crunchy) and cut the kernels off the cob

*add Couscous to veggie mixture
cover with
*the Juice and Pulp of 1 large Lemon
*2 tbsp of Sunflower Oil
*2 tsp Sea Salt

Mix thoroughly, cover and set in fridge for 1-5 hours.
You can serve this right away, but it is better if it has some time to soak.

If it is too dry for your taste add 1 more tbsp of oil.

I love to eat it with a bowl of it with a huge Mason Jar full of Sweet Tea.
So fresh and yummy!

Also, I have decided to extend my CONTEST through the weekend, so sign up if you haven't already and I will post a winner on Monday!!


  1. This salad looks delicious, I am going to make this one, you sure have some yummy pictures of it. Happy 4th.
    Hugs, Diane

  2. Sounds delicious!! And I drink my sweet tea, and water, and Dr. Pepper out of a mason jar. Tastes better, I think!!
    Happy 4th to you!!

  3. That salad was, in fact, quite yummy!

    Thanks for your comment, friend!

    Hope y'all have a great time this weekend.

    Love you - Tricia :-)

  4. MMMmmm, mmm, mmm! I'm going to have to try it.

    Sounds like you have a FUN weekend ahead of you, enjoy it!

    ***Happy 4th of July!***


  5. Hi --

    Found your blog through just a girl.

    I am also from NLR and my parents still lives there. Your blog will make me feel right at home, thanks! :)

    Will try your salad soon. Love 'em southern food, I REALLY miss it a great deal.

    Thanks for sharin'!

    Kelly --

  6. GASP!

    awesome recipe that i will really make, adorable table, delish menu!

    love it all!

    happy 4th! what time is dinner again? tee hee


  7. that salad sounds de-lish! hope you all had a wonderful 4th. it was sunny here ~ just like the 4th of July's of our youth!

  8. Looks so yummy! I just posted a recipe using couscous on my blog. Yummy!!

    Have a great week.

  9. Jerusalem, This looks so fresh and yummy! I need to make this. Thank you for sharing. :)


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