Wednesday, July 29, 2009

our bedroom, part 1

OK, here is the first series of pictures from the "lost Cookie files."
Thanks so much to everyone for all your sweet comments on my good fortune!!

A few pics from the new Master Bedroom re-do...

Only half of the room is done, so we are going to just call this "part 1" of the tour..

Hanging lamps: Ikea, side table from sweet neighbors

Some of our bedding, up close & personal -
mixture of thrifted finds and sale items. I have about 3 quilts and a dozen pillowcases that I mix & match and switch around all year long.
This was my mood this day...

My nook, oh how I love thee...
My only rule for this space - "no boys allowed!"

dressing table: Salvation Army, Chantilly Powder: from my Maw

b&w postcards collected since High School and the first time Tracy & I watched the movie Singles many moons ago
... so happy to see them out for viewing again.
Held on the wall with pearlized straight pins

Mirror from those great neighbors of ours, wall lamps from Ikea Kids. Couldn't resist the sweet dancing frogs!

Our new paint color is Rainwashed from Sherwin-Williams. I picked up a gallon 3/4 full @ our Habitat for Humanity ReStore center. Now I need to go to buy some more so we can finish the rest of the room...

* A note about the curtains:
The curtains where designed by me and made by my mother. There are a combined 5 fabrics on each panel. This layered panel has become my trademark with curtains - my clients houses are full of them! I have plans for a large layered roman shade for the kitchen, but even as I type this I can feel my mother tearing out her hair. She is a good woman to put up with -and go along with - all my crazy ideas!


  1. Cute! Did u sew your curtains? I love the polka dots. The pink powder brings back great childhood memories of playing dressup at my grandparents! : )

  2. What a fun room! There is just something about your style..... I would love to have more details about the curtains. They are terrific! I also enjoyed your Cookie article yesterday. Good for you!

  3. I think that what I need right now is to come sit in your house for a spell. Surely it will make me feel less like a crazed, stressed out, over the edge maniac? It does the job in pictures anyway.

    BTW, I love that new (?) tag line in the header.

  4. What a lovely room! I love everything, down to each sweet detail! I especially love the nook & the vintage feel of it.

  5. Ha! The green shams were once mine... I'm honored, my dear, HONORED! (They were replaced by some dandy pink and white polka-dot cases.)

  6. Mmmm...I can get excited by those curtains!! Super delish...if one can describe fabric as yummy!! I used to love to mix and match my bedding way back when we had a full size bed, but with a king its slightly more challenging. Guess I could make my own, huh??
    Love your room!!

  7. I think your house looks like the most fun, cheerful place to be! Darling, just darling. I have the same exact comforter on my bed but I have the other side showing. I have had it forever, but still love it. Can't wait to see more!

  8. Very wise of you to give your mother her due!

  9. i am just smitten with your style! rock on, jerusalem!


  10. I just love these pictures! So glad I visited today!


  11. just catching up on your little life........darling posts indeed!
    cograts on cookie mag!
    kara +darcy


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