Thursday, July 16, 2009

crafting gals

The past few days I have been relaxing and renewing at my grandmother's house at a mini-version of our yearly "Gallivanting Gal's" get-together.
This year there were only 4 of us, and I was the lone rep from my generation. But it was actually nice and low key, and it was nice to be able to visit with my Mom and my Aunt in ways that I don't normally, when the gathering is a little bigger.
That said, I still missed my sisters dearly and hope that some day we can all Gallivant together again!

We all try to contribute to the festivities so that no one person is left doing all the work and having none of the fun, this year my assignment (shockingly!) was to provide a craft activity, one that was "back-to-school" themed.
I decided it would be a fun & easy (and frugal) craft to do a "clipboard clip art" project, like the one I did a while back (see above.)

So I set the table with 1 clipboard per Gal (only 97cents) and placed all the tools (glue, stamps, cutters, glitter etc.) down the middle of the table.

Next, on the buffet table, I laid all the bits and baubles and pieces of ephemera I had gathered

It was fun to bring out all my goodies, some which I haven't been able to use yet and so was happy to share!

my supplies also included a good stack of happy papers of course!

Here is my mother's finished board - hers tells the story of 3 gallivanting gals & their life as friends...

here is mine - it was inspired by an old photo I had of 2 little girls have a tea party in a secret garden & by my obsession with village Fetes!

Here are 3 of us Gal's showing off our finished projects! My Aunt (in the middle) got hers packed away before I could get an individual shot of it, but it was very Auntie Te and very romantic! Just like her love of old movies...

We had a great time together and I am so glad I took the time out to be with my Gal's.

Time to get back to "real life" now!


  1. Those are so cute!! I am longing for a girlie crafty night...thinking of starting one up in my hood.

  2. lovely! I have a clipboard waiting for me to of these days, lol.

    I like your little pockets ~ did you make them or were they purchased? I'm so jealous of all the awesome ephemera you can find! Boo hoo & wah for no flea markets in Juneau :(

  3. i love it! wish i was there :-( maybe we could do another in Oct.???

  4. What a great idea! Our family sort of does the same thing and I've been trying to think of a group activity. What fun!

  5. i love this idea of creating together. my sisters and i are going away for a few days next week. i am thinking of packing supplies to make tags in our little cape cod motel room! tee hee


  6. I luh, luh, love this idea. I want to do this next GNO. What a wonderful ~ self buiding idea. Thanks

  7. Oh, I'd love to Gallivant with you some day. What fun you always have.


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