Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Spoonful of Sugar

Sometimes when reality - or reality TV - becomes too much for me, I have to go to my Happy Place and get a Spoonful of Sugar - visual sugar that is!

Today, in the aftermath of Jon & Kate's ridiculous announcement I had to make just such a trip to my happy place - Martha Stewart.com.

I don't know about you, but I was hoping against hope that some good sense - or a stern Dr. Phil - had gotten knocked into Jon & Kate, and instead of "separation" and "divorce" their announcement was going to be "cancellation" and "counseling." For the good of all involved.

But no. Good judgement and sound minds, great mercy and faith did not win the day yesterday- as they usually don't when emotions, pride, checkbooks, and paparazzi seem to converge and then run amok. And I am sure there are many layers to this story, more than we can see - as there usually are. But regardless of who is to blame (why do we always need to figure that out?) it made me very sad to watch. It made me sad for them, and for their kids, and for all the things you can do over, but never take back, and for all of us who some days hang on by a mere little thread, but hang on all the same.

And so I had to go visit Martha's site and look at all the 4th of July pretties, because there are so many there. And because sometimes you just need a really great Spoonful of Sugar to make it all go down a little easier...


  1. So true, I had a very hard time watching the end of a marriage a family. We all know just how hard marriage can be and like you said at times holding on my a thin thread, and we reel ourselves back work through the tuff times, become a stronger force. Celebrate 18 years of marriage and more
    Hugs, Diane

  2. You said everything that I'm feeling about Jon & Kate. I used to love that show - it gave me such a sense of "if she can do THAT, then I'm doing ok with my two little guys!". Now it's just sad, esp. for the children. Greed & fame seems to have taken over their sense of what's truly important. What a shame.
    On a brighter note - I lOvE the spoonfuls of sugar! I think I'll go put up some decorations right now!

  3. a beautiful collection of inspiring pics. thanks!

    i never watched jon & kate much but of course i am totally intrigued and thought for sure dr. phil would intervene. it's sad. the whole thing is sad.

    thanks again for the luvin' spoonful!


  4. I caught the second run of the episode and stayed up until midnight. Truly a tearful and heart wrenching episode. I agree with you, cancel the show and take your family back you have EIGHT children for crying out loud. Loved your sugar via Martha though. :o)

  5. I am so sad for Jon & Kate and the 8 little ones who will be affected by all of this craziness. I pray God will move them towards reconciliation.

  6. I SO AGREE. Counselling and cancellation! I was annoyed and blogged about it too :(

  7. Amen sister! I was hoping they were going to cancel the rest of the season and focus on their children and their relationship. I was very disappointed!

  8. You know how I feel about the J&K+8 thing. I was just looking at this 4th of July spread in my Martha mag yesterday to get ideas for styling a photo shoot I needed to do for a guest blogging project. So cute, isn't it?

  9. So...I haven't been stopped by your blog in a few days and what nice blogs I've missed & now caught up on! You always seem to have the right/perfect words. Words that run through my head, but never make it to "paper" quite like you can! My mom seems to have the same way with words, wish I sure did! : ) I just LOVE that pic of your dad! Sorta reminds me of mine - with a Happy Smile and a Silver Beard (he's had it for as long as I remember. And all the "Hooplah" with Jon & Kate..I couldn't agree with you more - thanks for the nice pictures with your thoughts...

    Have a good one.

    Keep Smiling,

  10. DITTO - to all of the above! You do have a way with words, and I just couldn't agree more with your comment about cancel & counsel. Well said. Thanks for the uplifting "sugar"!

  11. Oh my goodness...who lives like this? It's not attainable in any way, shape, or form in my world.


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