Friday, June 12, 2009

lifes a circus

I am still on a mini-blogging break, with all serious and lengthy blogging suspended through the weekend. The end of baseball is in sight and I have so much to share... BUT I still need a few more days. So I thought I would post some pictures from April of a custom order I did for a customer on Etsy .

these are 8" Jumbo Dangles in a circus theme...

I made a banner to match but alas I didn't get a picture of it - I think it was probably one of my Sweet Vintage banners if I remember correctly - but with more polka-dots.

It was a lot of fun to make these and expand my repertoire a bit!

OK, I am off for a weekend filled with more of my b's!
See you next week!!


  1. Very cute! Do not have blogging guilt about being on a break--it is good sometimes Ü.

  2. Completely adorable!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!


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