Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Camping in Gilbert, Part 2

Gilbert Arkansas is a tiny tiny little community on the Buffalo River. One of it's distinct characteristics is that it has the bragging rights of being the "coolest spot in Arkansas" - which is a handy thing to be if you are going to do your biggest business in the summertime.

My favorite thing about Gilbert is the personal history it holds. My grandmother Maw spent many, many summers up growing up and shopped in this same general store, buying ice cold cokes in glass bottles just like my kids do now.

The Gilbert Store is the one and only place to shop in this community of about 30 permanent residents. Whether you need to rent a canoe, buy some aloe for a sunburn or just get a few souvenirs such as mini corn-cob pipes this is the place to go.

There is a newer post-office down the road, but this old sign still stays on the Gilbert Store building. I imagine it was there when my Grandmother used to visit all those years ago.

A stones throw from the Gilbert Store is The Gilbert Cafe, a slightly newer entity that serves up the best breakfast ever. Including amazing homemade cinnamon roles bigger than you would believe.

The Gilbert Cafe Open sign.

The Cafe Bathroom. Loved the metal walls running horizontal.

I love the contrast of the frilly mirror and the metal walls.

I wish I had gotten a few pictures of all the old cabins and houses in the area. Besides the lovely little campground where we stayed, there are also several different cabins for rent of various sizes and price, some older, some newer, all adorable and within walking distance of the the Store, the Cafe and the River. I would love to just go back with my boys and stay a week, doing a bunch of nothing but reading, relaxing and enjoying the laid back pace that is Gilbert. As it is I am having a hard time embracing my busy schedule after just 3 days there. I am still on "camp time" as one sweet friend said yesterday... oh, to live on "camp time" - now that would be lovely!


  1. Your camping trip looks like fun! I love the pix of your beds from the first round of fact, would you mind telling me where you got your sheet/comforter on your bed?? I just LOVE it!!!
    Thanks. :)

  2. OH, what a wonderful few days you have had. I just love places like that - where time seems to have slowed to a near-crawl. I think we all need places like that. I call them soul places. You know, the ones that help your breathing to slow and you muscles to unknot. So glad you have a place like that.

  3. Love Gilbert and I didn't even find out about it and my mom's visits until I had grown children. Sometimes parents should tell about their childhoods.

  4. Living in Southern California, I don't know that I'll ever make it to Gilbert - thanks so much for sharing it - what a cute & quaint place it looks like. What inspiration you have given me to make my next camping trip a bit more "cute"! : )


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