Tuesday, June 02, 2009

and every day story

I have a few more camping pics to share of the adorable little river community that we camped in, but before I get to that I just had to recommend this book. Before I forgot. Because Forgetful is my middle name these days. I think it is all the creative juices flowing, they are taking up all the room in my brain for remembering things like schedules and bills.
Happens Every Day is a wonderful, extremely moving and engaging book...but don't just take my word for it....
Here is one of the reviews I found:
What a strange and wonderful surprise: a gorgeous, funny, exuberant book about the disastrous end of a marriage. A loss like Gillies's might happen all the time, but it's rarely met with the passion, compassion, energy, and warmth that suffuse every page. With charming candor, she lays bare her sorrow and her joys, and finds a true -- and instructive -- talent for transformation and happiness."-- Maile Meloy, author of Both Ways Is the Only Way I Want It and A Family Daughter

This was one of those books I could barely put down once I started it. I would find myself just itching to get back home so I could read it again.

Of course between this book - marvelous as it is - and the whole Jon & Kate debacle (I just want to scream TURN OFF THE CAMERAS AND GET THEE TO SOME THERAPY!) I have never been more grateful in all my life for my Sweet Man. Of course now that I have said that publicly we will probably get into some sort of scrape over something silly like putting away the sour cream. But in all honestly, both of these stories - Isabel's and the Gosselins, have reminded me just how tender and fragile and worth protecting fiercely my marriage is. Every Day.


  1. Marriage is such a precious, sacred thing. I'm a big fan of Jon & Kate, but the past two weeks of the show & what's going on in their lives is making me feel sick. You're absolutely right - turn OFF the cameras, get some help for your family & remember what's truly important in life!

  2. hey I'd really like to read this...if you happen to know where I could get a copy...

  3. Absolutely freeking fiercely!


  4. Since we don't have TV, I have absolutely no idea what/who/what's going on with Jon and Kate. What I do know is that marriage is a sacred commitment, worth cherishing and protecting - at any cost. You are so right about that.

  5. Okay, it's going on my list. You haven't steered me wrong yet!

  6. Absolutely, daughter ... every single day. After 39 years with your momma, I can promise you it's worth it. - daddyo

  7. Great minds think alike. I recently wrote a similiar post about Jon & Kate. Here's to appreciating what we have.


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