Friday, May 22, 2009

weekend reading

Well the weekend is here and we have guest coming in, an anniversary to celebrate (12 years!) and Riverfest (tonight is Willie Nelson and the B-52's) to attend.... Plus I am not quite done cleaning and fluffing my nest for all the guest and I am still not at quite my normal speed yet, so I thought I would leave you with my latest kid book recommendations from the Library, an "easy post" if you will...

Love, love the artwork in this book. Mrs. Rabbits decorating taste are sublime and Little Rabbit is pretty darn cute himself. A great read for any kid - especially those learning how to face their nightmare fears.

Sarah Stewart is a new discovery for me, even though she has written tons. I love this book for it's simplicity and sweetness.

Edward and the Pirates was so good Miles made me read it twice in a row, an unusual request from him, since he generally just wants to get on to the next story.
A great book for the kid who loves to read and who loves library books as much as Edward does.

Fanny by Holly Hobbie

Oh Fanny! How cute she is!
I love, love this book by Holly Hobbie. Fanny makes her own doll in this book, and learns to love her the most even though she doesn't look like the store bought dolls her friends play with. A great book for all little girls who are struggling with the peer pressure that comes when one is the slightest bit different, even when that includes ones dolly!
OK, I am off to clean and fluff.
Have a lovely weekend and I will meet you all back here shortly!


  1. Oh, wow, I am taking your suggestions to the library tomorrow! I love the Klises - Regarding the Fountain is my favorite. :) And Sarah Stewart is brilliant, and her story ideas are so different. The Gardener and the Letter are as good for adults as for kids. Thanks so much for posting these!!

  2. Girl I just love your book recommendations! We just got the one about the squirrel and the whole family loves it!

  3. I soo love your book salutes!!! I must find the Franny (Holly Hobbie one)book! I just loved Holly Hobbie growing up! My first Mod Podge was with using one of her designs. I think my mom still has it in her china closet! Love and Blessings for a happy Holiday weekend!!! Katie

  4. Oh, I love all these. Except Rabbit. I must meet him. I do love David Stewart's art. And Sarah Small's words. Did you know they are married?


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