Saturday, May 02, 2009

Rarely Finished but Rarely Dull or How to Turn Lemons into Lemonade in 60 Seconds or Less

I think this may be my new blog motto. Or my new life motto. Or both. Unfortunately for me (but great for her) Leahpeah has the best tag line ever; Flawed but Authentic. I am not sure anyone will top that one. Not ever. So for now I am going with "rarely finished but rarely dull..." because that is the most honest spin I can put on my little hodgepodge life. Equal parts exasperation and hope, shaken, stirred and served with a twist.
For instance...
This is my new wonderful swing from Lowes. I have been coveting, drooling, fawning over this swing (and ones like it) for years now. This year my sweet man bought it for me as an early anniversary gift, because he knew I would be able to enjoy it more while the weather is not strangle-your-mother hot. Yet. I wanted this particular one because it folds down from it's regular locked and upright position into a bed. A swinging bed....My dream come true. Because as anyone who knows me well will tell you, I prefer to lounge.
So my sweet man bought it, brought it home, set it up (thanks Ben for helping!) and me and Natalie and Jeanetta and lots of Little Ones piled up on it (while it was in it's upright position) and enjoyed some yummy cold margaritas. Pure spring bliss.
And then our new dog chewed it up. Pulled the stuffing out , tore the piping right off.
Pure sour lemons people. SOUR LEMONS.

But then I took a deep, deep, DEEP breathe (thank you Buspar!) and had some sweet tea and went into my linen closet and pulled out these beauties.
I had the perfect vintage sheet (finally a great excuse to buy more!) to cover the now less-than-lovely cushion, and some out-of-rotation pillow shams to cover the 2 $3 pillows from Wal-Mart.
Napping never looked so lovely.
Ah, sweet Lemonade at last.
Of course I am no dummy. The sheet and the pillows come in with me after each visit to the patio in order to escape the jaws of She-Dog.

So if I am a little behind on all those projects I mentioned - repainting the dining room, the bedroom, the kitchen, you know why. I am enjoying my new little resting place, reading, dreaming, ignoring the mess inside and making plans for the rest of the patio area. Now that I am spending more time outside my focus has shifted more to finishing it, cleaning it, brightening it up a bit more, making it more comfy for dining al freso and visiting with friends...

But I don't make any promises that any of my grand plans (inside and out) will actually get finished anytime soon. After all I do have some reading to catch up on first thanks to a special delivery from Tracy.

Like I said in the beginning, things around here are rarely finished, but rarely dull.


  1. The dog will be trained, I promise. So sorry about the swing. You look awfully cute lounging on it.

  2. So I am assuming that the dog isn't going back to the in laws.

  3. I am green with cosy envy! What a lovely gift.

    Lisa xo

  4. The new dog had a plan in mind. She likes vintage fabrics as well! It is perfect!~

  5. So sorry about the dog issues, we have a new puppy and he seems to like to chew the molding in our bathroom and the bottom of the door as well!:)

    I LOVE this swing, we or should I say I NEED one. Might be just the Mother's Day gift this year. Thanks for the picture.

  6. Oh I love that swing! And believe it or not, I recently got rid a sheet set just like that which I had completely worn out!

  7. Love the new swing! Enjoy it.

  8. The swing looks so inviting and heavenly!
    Hope you are doing well...
    Just wanted to inform you that we are having another drawing at Aged Vintage Papier! Some fabulous stamps :-) All can enter as any times as they wish! Please spread the word - only three days left.

  9. Adopt adult dogs from the SPCA that have already been given good manners by a previous family....

    Love the shabby chic look of the swing now though... *smiles*

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  10. What happened to Chloe? Or should I not ask? The swing is too cool. Your man knows you well. Maybe we can make it over for one of those al frescos this summer!

  11. dog? you leave out so much at the ballpark- also, read dooce book COVER TO COVER- i wish i could write like her with the freedom from fear and retribution...


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